Monday, June 4, 2012

POP UP- Weekend Wrap up

We got a pop up!!! Wahoo! This family LOVES camping and outdoors. We always just used a tent, but we have been waiting patiently on a good deal for a starter pop up camper... My hubby came across a steal of a deal and picked this one up for CHEAP! The interior was kept up so well, we were so shocked! But we see potential in things we look at the big picture and like to turn nothings into somethings :)

The inside was really outdated. But so clean really it didn't need fixing just updating. So of course me and the hubster got in there and had a powwow about what we could do to jazz it up a bit and make it cozy. Cowboy on the other hand loved it the way it was. If fact, he loved it so much that the first thing he did was pick up the broom and started sweeping. It was so nice to see him care about something so much. I could see his appreciation and excitement through his little act of service by sweeping the floors. It was a for sure Mommy moment where I just took a deep breath and felt so blessed to be his mommy. All the kids were excited about it! They first thought it was a giant traveling trampoline but after some rules they understood that was NOT what it was. Cowboy was probably the most excited, in fact I had to drag him out when it was time to go in for the night.

Well Maybe, besides this "big kid" me... being a dork waving at myself in the door mirror. It seems ridiculous for a grown woman to be so excited about an old pop up camper. But I love the outdoors. I love spending Quality alone time with my family. Just hanging with no agenda, no chores, no electronics, no distractions just hanging with the "little homies." I love it. So this for me is like the best present I could get. Even though it wasn't a present. Just saying, I prob was more excited than Cowboy. Cause this means a lot more special memories are in my future.

I probably should mention that Lou had a campout with the girl scouts the night before, and only got 2 hours of sleep. She slept all day Saturday so she was snoring while we were all outside. I did go in to wake her to show her the camper and she came out for a few minutes she was excited but really at that point only interested in "where is my lunch" and "can I go back to sleep." And after lunch asked - "Can we go camping when I wake up?" She is my child for sure -Food, Sleep and Camping !

So back to the Pow Wow, we decided first things first- we gotta peel that wallpaper off and paint. Now remember, we got it Saturday, well I was ready to GO! I sent the Handy Men... that's right, I said Men, (Cowboy and Butter tagged along with daddy) to Lowes to get the paint while I made dinner. This girl was ready to paint !! So the hubby and I had a mini date night if you want to call it that with paint brushes and paint in the pop up and painted it up!

I think it turned out pretty good :) Sunday night Joey laid the new tile. I didn't help with the tile I just sat there admiring my man and supervised ha. It looks so good. Just a few minor things and this baby is ready to go !

The following pics are of the whole thing with the new floor and paint. We still plan on recovering the cushions and changing out the curtains. That orange has got to go! But its going to get there, we are very pleased with it so far!!