Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caterpillars in the Library!

Every new season our library has story time, for preschoolers, toddlers, and infants. I have taken Cowboy and Lou for a few years now and they really enjoy it. Butter is now old enough for Toddler Time! So today was his first time to go. They also have a preschool class but unfortunately its during Butters nap time so Cowboy just went into Butters class. We were so excited when we walked in to see what they would be reading today! The Very Hungry Caterpillar !!How awesome that it fit right in line with our "Cc" week. Cowboy was thrilled! He kept saying look mommy, we need that big Caterpillar for school!

Butter had so much fun! He danced to all the songs, walked around checked things out, and tried to climb on chairs, etc, you know, big kid toddler stuff!

I think Lou felt very grown up today too. Usually she would come in and listen to the stories even though she was too old, she still had a good time doing the things little kids do. She doesn't want to grow up, although in some areas she does. Today I allowed her to stay in the library and find her books on her own,(cell phone in tow) while the boys and I went into to story time. I missed her in there though. She was a big encouragement for Cowboy when he started going because he was very shy and wouldn't do anything unless she did. Now the torch has been passed to Cowboy but he could care less about helping butter. But to be honest, butter doesn't need any encouragement, he just falls right on in.

Today's Trays

Today we repeated a lot of yesterdays things, and added a few extra. Do you see my "c" book in there?! We used it today and it was fabulous! It is so nice to have something full of just one letter to focus on the sound that particular letter makes, and C is tricky since it makes a few sounds...Cowboy made a caterpillar today too using, glue, pompoms and scissors. I found the template online and you can find it HERE (caterpillar printables) .

I am just throwing this picture in here because today, Cowboy just flipped to the line tracing page as soon as I got out his Tot Book, and opened his marker like a big boy, and without me guiding or helping him, he drew his own lines. You can barely see the first one but it was SO STRAIGHT!! He didn't color everywhere on this like he usually does, he didn't need to know the rules, he did it ON HIS OWN, the correct way. This just makes me smile :) and thought I would share his growth.


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