Friday, June 1, 2012

Hyper active Friday- Letter Aa

Today started off with a trip to walmart because my husband decided to "Get with the program" and get Lou a phone that actually works for calling, only for times when she is away from us, which isn't often but I like security. I have been trying to talk him in to this for a while. I know my daughter is 10, and I know that cell phones haven't always been around. I also know yeah, we turned out fine. He wasn't for it because of that very reason, "back in the day, we didn't have cell phones, we didn't need them" yada yada. Also he didn't want her to be like all the other little girls with phones with it being a cool thing rather than an emergency thing, nor did I. But newsflash, the world is changing everyday. And yes I love Jesus, and I pray that he is with my children and I always ask for a hedge of protection to be placed around them. But in my opinion, I'm just an over protective mother, who is with her kids 24/7 and in the times when I am not around my children, I want that line of communication with them just because I am so used to it I guess. So anyways, I don't know what changed his mind but Praise God it happened :) It may have been a recent discussion about her maybe going to Houston Space Camp this summer with scouts.... Still yay he agreed. So the kids and I go to walmart.....................UGH....... is all I can say. Cowboy was a mess in walmart and just acted like a hyper active midget. It was aggravating and I lost it. I blew a fuse. I am sorry. I am not perfect. Just one of those days where you gotta keep taking deep breaths or you might go "Psycho" on your kids. I looked for this Go phone thing my husband was talking about and I didn't understand it. I mean I know what go phone is, just this particular one was confusing. I probably could have understood it if 3 little people weren't all talking to me and asking me to look at this momma, ba ba ba ba, look momma I'm an invisible Cowboy.. which would be the part where Cowboy decided to be brave and go on another isle without me and start touching things. Well then I asked him to put his hands in his pockets to keep him from touching anything, if he took his hands out, that was it, he was going in the buggy jail. So he put his hands in his pocket for .5 seconds and then totally FLIPPED HIS LID! He through a fit. You cant tie a Cowboys hands down. Or they will get real crazy and start bucking like a bull. So off to buggy jail he went. Finally I called my husband, he said he would take care of it, without me having to ask him to or explain my current situation. That made me feel alot better and just another reason I love him :) We ended up just adding her to our plan and keeping the phone, if she goes off somewhere with girl scouts or somewhere without family, she can take it.

We get home from the walmart trip and Butter goes down for his nap. Cowboy and I go out to school house for some tot trays. His trays were basically the same as yesterday but a little different.

The first tray he chose was Gluing. I guess because he saw all the fun stuff to choose from. He did really good with it, he is learning portion control. Using less glue.
The Final Project :)
Next he moved onto dot paint. We just reviewed Aa, he remembered the letter, the sound, and some words that start with A. I also put the number 1 in there for him to get familiar with. He wasn't in the mood to really dot it up today. He did the letters, and the number but I had a circle one and the little a, he just kinda was in a mood today so I didn't force him. We just moved onto cutting.

Cutting didn't last as long as it did yesterday, He cut like 2 lines, and was done. But he did make me laugh, one of them had ants on them, (another A word yay :)) he was cutting and I told him to cut the lines and he said, (in a real country Mississippi cowboy kinda voice) "I will but, I'm bout to cut up this ant first" haha. So he gave that ant heck. And then we were done. He was only really into the gluing today.
the poor ant
I set out 2 trays for Butter today too. One had Melissa and Doug Soft Tools set on it and the other had animal cookies. Guess which one he picked first?

Cowboy was not very happy that Butter got a tray today. HE wanted what was on it. So I made a deal with him, I told him after Butter played with it alone for a little while, he could play with him. Still working with the sharing skills for both of them but they did pretty good together.
Putting the screw in the hole

and eventually taking over
Cowboy "helping"
Just throwing this in here for myself, when I look back I want to remember this. We were having lunch and Cowboy was telling us the colors of everyones cup. When he got to his he said red. Well I glanced over at Butter and he was patting his head. We have been teaching him "Head" and where it is. It was so cute :) Red - Head same difference when you are Butter :)

After lunch the kids wanted to play with play dough, and Butter wanted to eat it, in which I did allow him to do, once, with the mindset oh hes going to taste it and not want to do that again... WRONG! Butter loves anything that has any type of flavor. So I put it in a Ziploc and let him play with it.

  Outside fun...

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