Saturday, August 25, 2012

H is for Hippo

Tot School- Cowboy is Currently 41.5 Months Old

This Weeks Trays:

Included on Trays: (Scroll to bottom for list of tools widget)

My Little Red Tool Box
Alphatales Hh Hide and Seek Hippo
Cars Join the pit crew
Tot Notebook
My "h" book

Crayola Dry Erase Center
Plastic Big Blocks
Counting Bears
Melissa and Doug Wooden Tool Box
Counting Bears Patterns
Wikki Sticks
Latch Board (homemade)
Melissa and Doug Fill and spill tool set

Chart Time

Discussion page on Hippo

This weeks Theme was TOOLS!! So I pulled out all the stuff I had tool related that he was of AGE to play with. Kind of cool considering we have any kind of tool he could want since Daddy is a Handy Man! 

His Vocabulary Cards this week were revolved around tools...

We read Hide and Seek Hippo

He absolutely loves his Car book. To me its so simple and I figured he would get real bored with it after a few minutes, but he could sit there for hours playing with this book. 

Tracing letter Hh...

He loved playing with his Latch Board that his daddy made him!

After a little while he said, "Mommy, I need some tools to work on these things with", so I gave him his Melissa and Doug fill and spill tool set to use.

Cutting Practice- I gave him a worksheet which is really for tracing but let him cut the lines instead. Then he did a letter Hh collage, and cut out all the pictures and glued them on his page with the letter. 

Letter Hh Collage

Hammer 3 piece puzzle

Counting, patterns, and colors with Bear counters.... He would have to fill in the last one on the card with the correct color bear.

Wiki Sticks!! Cowboy really enjoyed using his imagination to make new pictures. He made a rainbow, a flower and my personal favorite, SPIDERMAN who he is currently obsessed with. 

Yes this would be Cowboy, Marveling (no pun intended ha!) over his creation of what he believes to be Spider-Man. :) 

TOOL TIME! I put out all the tools on the floor, and his other Tool board his daddy made him with some nails, hooks, screws, bolts, and nuts. 

He was totally in his own ZONE! 

I pulled off some of the numbers from our Chart, and gave him some beans to count out to match the numbers on the cards. This was not his favorite activity of the day at all !! I hope at least one of my kids learn to love math :( .... Even though it wasn't his favorite, he did do pretty good. 

Letter H Craft- he wanted to use dot paint to paint it this week. He cut out the hippos, and pasted them all on the letter. 

Lacing using two pipe cleaners....

Shadow matching
                                                                                                       Number order
I read him My little Red Toolbox and we just love this book! Its so interactive and fun. The tools actually come out and you can work on things within the book. 

Here is a sneak peak into the book.

Lou worked with him doing Wiki Stix.....

Find the shape and trace using crayola dry erase center.....

Glue pom poms on the dots
Alphabet Flash Card Dash! This is a little game I made up to keep the letters fresh on his mind. I just call out a letter and he dashes to find it ASAP! 

Dot Sticker the Letter Hh ........

Tiny Tot School- Butter is currently 15 months old

I cut a slit in an old container to make a drop bin. I found these matching cards with different words and pictures on them such as, pizza, ball, flower, fish, kite, frog etc. I would tell him the word see if he would repeat it, and then he would drop it on in the slot. Butter thought this was the best game ever. It was so cute to watch and listen to! One of the cards had a butterfly on it, and I couldn't believe my ears when out his mouth, clear as day, he said butterfly! Proud MOMMY moment!! 

Next up was some coloring......

I pulled out our Popsicle mold and some fuzzy pom poms and let him do some sorting while I called out the color of the pom pom to him. He had the best time pouring them out and starting all over and looking inside the holes. 

I took out some felt shapes that I made for our felt board and opened the can to let him try putting things in and taking out while I called out the color of the felt shape for him. 


He liked doing this as well, and while I was watching him do it, I remembered I had an empty wipes container that would probably work well with the felt. So I grabbed it and filled the container with felt and just let him push the button and pull the shapes out. HE LOVED PUSHING THE BUTTON!!! 
We ended up moving to the floor so he could really dive on in :) 

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