Monday, June 25, 2012

Off Week Wrapup

Here are a few things, even though on a little break, that we did together. One day we went out to the school house so that I could do a few things like menu plan for the week, and the kids decided to have fun with some dramatic play, and played Library. Lou was the librarian and Cowboy obviously had a serious research paper because he wanted to check out all of the Encyclopedia's.
Cowboy and I also made some blueberry smoothies for lunch one day for everyone. They were sooo yummy!

A few nights that week, Daddy and Lou had a few hours each night of sewing (I am not much on hand stitching I would rather ... read a book) so they had their Daddy Daughter time while I read a book. Which I will have to give a review of! It was awesome. Anyways! She they sewed two teddy bears, one for LE her American Doll and one for Lou. They came out so cute! And I am so glad they got some time to hang together!

Lou and I got a lot of reading in, on the account of there was not much else to do since we had no agenda or schedule. One day we were both reading on the couch our own books, and it was quite and I started to wonder where Butter was, I looked down and there he was with his own book :) I thought that was so precious! I even got a shot of all of us and our books!

I think that same day we all went out in the front yard to play, and ended up meeting our new neighbors, who also has a son Cowboys age. This was my first time witnessing Cowboy play with another boy his same age. It was something to see for sure. Overall they did good together and mainly played in the rocks :) And that's our Off week wrap up!

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