Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hanging with Cowboy-Letter Aa

Well like I said earlier, it was just the boys and I today. Lou had a big day going to the State Capital, Governors Mansion, State Museum and Old State Capital with her Girl Scout troop. Butter went down for his morning nap and Cowboy and I headed out to the "Tin Can" for some alone time and some learning time :) So I thought I would introduce him to his tot trays today since Lou wasn't around to distract him from soaking up the meaning of them. I got the idea for Tot Trays from a blog I read and Love it has been a HUGE blessing to me. I wish that I could HUG this woman for real. She rocks, and deserves a Medal of Motherly SAHM HONOR! Her blog is 1+1+1=1 I love it, for homeschool ideas, crafts, toys, printables, Christian motherly advice, etc. It's just great and I recommend it to any mom really. There is something in there for all mommas! So anyway, I let Cowboy go do some of his lessons on the computer while I got the trays together and ready. We decided to try out ABC Mouse a few weeks ago and.. it is a huge hit! And so much fun and he learns new things every time he pushes a button. I Recommend that as well, obviously :)

So I got them all ready, this is what he gets to do today. I get to pick what goes on the tray, well cause I'm the momma and I can :)
1st day of Tot Trays!!

So the first tray is Dot Paint with the letter A and I threw a bible lesson in there because I am sneaky and I love him and want him to grow up a Godly Man :) The second is cutting practice, and the third is gluing. Its supposed to be a lady bug but um, yeah... when you make the decision to teach your child with the "Following the Lead of a Child Method" sometimes things don't always come out the way they should, and that's ok!! So I brought him over to the trays and let him pick which one he wanted to do first.. DUH! PAINT So we started with the letter A.  

                                                      Then we did the Aa Is for Apple.

Then a maze where you follow the Aa's to get to the basket of apples.

He did soooooo Good ! I was so impressed by his dotting skills and that he recognized the Big A and little a and actually could tell me what letter it was. Each time he would do it he would say,"Dot-Dot-Dot-Dot" It was so funny. Really proud momma right here! Next he wanted to glue! Oh poor lady bug, you are so deformed and stuck together by massive amounts of glue but whatever, you made my Cowboy happy :)

Beautiful Jacked up Ladybug :)

I forgot to mention that I laid out the rules for each tray and they were if you want to move on to another tray that's fine, but before you do you have to clean up and put everything back on the tray, trash, whatever and put the tray back on the shelf. He did really well with that, once again, totally shocked. So after we finished gluing, we moved onto cutting. I'm going to go ahead and tell you that I figured this would be the least fun, and he would want to stop as soon as he started because he isn't great at cutting and he tends to act a fool when he doesn't like something. I for one wasn't looking forward to him getting all crazy with sharp cutting objects so I was kinda praying it went well. And let me just say... this is the tray he spent the most time on. He started off with "Safety" Scissors. PAHAHA what a JOKE ! Safety my behind. They are safe, don't get me wrong but if ya want your kid to hate cutting and learning, give them the safe stuff because, it just doesn't work. They kept getting stuck and going sideways basically eating the paper instead of cutting it. So I got brave... I pulled out some of Lou's old scissors that were still SAFE but not like the others. He got all excited then, and im sure his thoughts were "I get to use Sissy's scissors", heck yes!  But before we even started cutting at all I had him trace the lines before cutting. Once again, me being sneaky and trying to throw an extra skill in there.
working on pencil hold
Concentration Method

His cutting skills in action and I love his tongue is sticking out because he did this the entire time he was cutting it was hilarious. I tried to get a really good shot of him doing this but these are still cute.
He started saying, "this is so hard mommy", and I figured this was going to be the end of a good thing. Well after he said that he told me, "but I not gonna give up." I said, "you got this huh?" He said, "yupppp I gots this" haha! (in our house no one can say just yep anymore. Thanks to storage wars we have all developed an auctioneers accent and yeps are now Yuuuppps) Below is his "this be hard yo" face and my favorite picture of the day!

So I keep asking him, "ok you want to stop?" and he says, "no way I wanna cut the shapes." I am now thinking to myself and not real sure why the heck I printed out shapes and put them on the tray. Knowing there is no way he is ready to cut out actual objects. He can barely cut a line lol ! Well- boy did he prove me wrong. I held the paper for him but my Cowboy cut him out some shapes!! I couldn't believe it. He wasn't giving up and that totally blessed me because that is his daddy in him for sure. Here are his shapes.

I am so impressed!!!!

After tot trays he watched a little bit of Max and Ruby, and then decided to go back to the computer and do his lessons on and wait for Butter to wake up.

The Boys and I had lunch and then I got brave and took them to Hobby Lobby. We got a few things for school and then came back home for nap time. After nap Lou and Daddy came home and I got busy making dinner. Which was amazing :) We had Baked-Spaghetti you can find the recipe here . I got it off of pinterest. Big thumbs up. I really enjoyed my day with Cowboy. He was so sweet. Today was a good day.

Simple Love and Kindness

Sometimes people get so caught up in life, I for one have a habit of this. I try to be kind and considerate to others as much as possible because so many people are not and its good to be kind and generous. Just to let others see the Jesus in you. Well this morning I had to run to the grocery store just me and the boys. My helper Lou had a girl scout outing today. She is very helpful, I miss her when she is gone but she totally deserves breaks :) Anyway, I manage without her. So I am loading up the van with two boys and groceries I only had a few, and I was almost done when this old man walks up and offers to take my buggy and put it away for me. How sweet and considerate that was. I know its a small thing but there are not many people out there like him these days. So I smiled and said, "thank you so much." Like I said not a big deal to most, but for me it was a huge help. As I was leaving, he pulled out behind me. As I watched him from my rear view mirror he had a huge Golden Retriever riding shot gun. He was talking to him and letting him lick him and just saw love in that man. I needed that. I needed to see the fathers Love today and be reminded of the simple things in life. That dog may have been the only thing that man had, yet he was full of Joy and Peace. And it just blessed me. As he turned at the 4way stop and went on about his day I just prayed Lord I hope that when people look at me they see your Love inside me, and may that overflow onto my kids and my grandkids. I get busy sometimes and caught up in my own world that I forget that I as a believer am to be a light in this dark world. I also prayed for that man, that the Lord would just bless him for his "little" yet big act of kindness he showed me today. :) Thank you Lord for your Love and Kindness.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just another Wednesday

Today was just a normal boring summer day.. I am totally missing my schedule- the SCHOOL schedule! This summer is going to be long if I don't come up with ways to spice it up and organize it. Speaking of organizing, I have been trying to get our school house ready for the new school year. I boxed up the past two years worth of books and things and kinda rearranged and cleaned up. Our Schoolhouse is a tin can :) But boy am I thankful for it! A few years back we were blessed with a camper that someone used for a deer camp it was basically blah when we got it. By blah I mean just kinda bachelor looking it had some built in homemade bunk beds and just nothing fancy. But for me and my husband, we see that as potential. So we gutted it and remodeled it had it looking all fine set up to go camping and well we did, a few times. But there were a few things that made it hard on us, no overflow tank, and it just took hours to get it level. When we decided to homeschool 3 years ago, we kept thinking of where the homeschooling would actually take place. Well we had been trying to sell the camper and we had a few bites, but no one really serious. So then it hit me... I felt like God was telling us not to sell it but to use it for this season in our life as the "Schoolhouse." So once again, we gutted it and made it into a classroom. I love it. As you can see I suffer from a little A.D.D. because I was supposed to be talking about our day but got off on that! Beware I am sure I will do this often.

So today we went about our normal summer blah routine. Had breakfast, kids played for a little while  and then Butter went down for his nap. I had posted an exersaucer on Facebook for sale and a woman came by and bought it. Cha Ching, $30. Which to me anytime I sell something it makes me feel good and even if it is $30 bucks, I can put that away for school stuff and it makes me excited. Especially this year with preschool- I have a list of fun things to get for Cowboy and Butter to learn with. And having that extra just for them is awesome. So during nap Cowboy and I went out to the Schoolhouse and divided some of Lou's old clothes to post on Craigslist and FB. Which again, it may not be much but it is still helping someone out by buying used and helping me out to buy school supplies. After that Butter woke up and I made lunch. The assembly line of food is kinda funny. Making 3 different things for 3 little people... They are in for a shock when I introduce a new concept of lunch soon called"Communal Lunch", which I will go into when I actually do it HA! So stay tuned for that! I will be so happy when I have a house one day with LOTS of extra counter space.. Amen. Yeah I pray like that sometimes because, well pray without ceasing right?

After lunch the kids played with blocks and Lou thought it would be fun to teach Butter how to knock down blocks after something is built. I am sure she will regret this when she is building something and he comes around to knock it down. But Butter sure did enjoy it :)

After playtime and a few moments of "Fellowship" (discipline) with Cowboy, I decided to take the kids for a ride on the Golf Cart down to this canal by our house that has fish and turtles etc ya know fun outdoor kid stuff. A little humid Louisiana air is sometimes needed to get little boys tired and ready for afternoon nap time. We didn't see much but getting outside is always good. Then we came back and played in the yard for a little while and Butter had some "duce" (juice) then boys went down for nap. During nap time I usually work on lesson plans, or now my blog, or do some chores and if I am really drained- I may even get a nap myself.



So I guess I will start off by introducing what this blog is really all about ...and my life in general. "My little Responsibilities." I call them that because a friend of mine jokes about how I never have time for her any more due to my Responsibilities. But she is of course joking, and loves them all :) I thought to keep this semi private that I would come up with little names for each of them. Its not a huge deal but I think it would be fun and it tells a little about each of their own personalities.

First BORN- My Princess, my heaven sent Angel- LOU. She gets all the credit, besides God first and foremost, for making me into the person I am today. She was my lifesaver, and to this day, my "Act Right" Stick. She keeps me in check for sure. Why Lou? Well she just is and always will be my Lou Bell thats always been her little name so its only fitting that it stays. If it works, work it :) She is 10 years old and trust me, she is going on 30 with her wisdom and outlook on life. Lou is an amazing BIG sister, but wasn't always one.. she had us all to herself for 7 years. In saying that she took right to the job of Big Sis and has not complained ehh ok maybe once or twice, but mostly just has those back in the day flash backs at times. She is currently moving into the 5th grade. She has the most amazing teacher! PAHAHAHA Just kidding sorry just choked a little bit- But no really she is homeschooled, and if you asked her she would be all " I love it" which I'm sure she does but she has her moments for sure.

First SON- My wittle Man- my first boy, my solider... my COWBOY. Cowboy is something of a turbo charged non stop engine. He is 3 years old and lives currently in his fathers shadow. He was such a mommas boy when he was born, but he hit 2 and that was all she wrote. Cowboy loves to dress up and act as if he is a real cowboy. He often climbs on furniture and dances around all the while singing I'm a Cowboy- that is in no reference to Kid Rock, this kid makes up his own kinda sayings. His first actually that I would have to call his trademark would be BLICKA BLICKA WHA- and I'm still not sure what he was trying to tell us when he would say that but who cares, it was so darn cute. I am going to attempt to teach him a few things this year in what I would call trial run preschool. Cowboy has somewhat of a strong WILL to say the least and I am sure going to give me a run for my money. I am totally looking forward to that- and I wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice right now.

Second SON- None other than- BUTTER... Did you gasp and say "Butter?" Why in the world? Well when he was born Cowboy was 2 and couldn't really talk well, instead of brother, or bubba, he could only say Butter... So it stuck, I know I know... poor kid! But no really he is our Butter we all call him that and he was a surprising addition to our family, but The Lord knew what he was doing. Butter is 13 months old. He is so easy going and laid back. But WARNING- TODDLER ALERT THIS JUST IN - in the past few weeks he has developed somewhat of a temper/attitude. He could also easily be named the boss. Because he likes his stuff and is tired of Cowboy taking it all, which also bleeds over into if we take something from him he wants to fuss at us too. The main things about butter is #1 this kid loves food... if your yards away from him and he hears a bag or anything crinkle.. you can bet... he is on the move toward you. Hands lifted high! Butter also likes to sleep FINALLY I am thankful for that. He kept us awake for the first 11 months of his life. Its going to be fun for sure trying to keep this little guy entertained while trying to teach the other two. But GOD ! We got this :)

And last but fo sho not least- My Honey-Do :), my best friend, my helper,my jack of all trades, my Clyde- Joey- he doesn't get a fun name because well I cant think of one at the moment, I mean I have a few ideas, Obviously see above- but if you knew me, making decisions is not my thing. I hate it. But anyways- This man is a keeper for sure. He can fix anything. He can solve pretty much any issue and makes life alot easier for me :) since I am no good at it. Where I fall, hes there to catch me. I love that about him. He loves the Lord, and for that alone I am truly thankful for. He is the bread winner, the go getter the HUSTLER!! AHHHH that should have been his name but I'm not so sure how that would come across. When I say Hustler, I am meaning he is always trying new things to benefit and provide for our family. We own a handyman business and Sell and fix up Golf Carts. And we love craigslist and auctions YUPPPPP- I say "we" like I help, in which I do in fact today's post will have a few ways I contribute - but handy Britt- Negative. I try to be smart when he talks about tools,controllers, motors,Sheetrock and fittings, but lets just be real- I can use a power tool, but only if forced and daddy is not home. I love him and he makes me a better me. Thank you Honey-Do Hustler :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blogger Malfunction

So tonight I had plans to introduce myself to the air out there bc I'm sure the only person reading my blog is my best friend Steph lol But... As usual with all things new, for me anyways, especially when it comes to technology , something always puts a dent in my ultimate plan ... It took me forever to figure out what the heck was a RSS feed and how to even find my own blog. I'm still not sure that I get it or know what RSS stands for other than in my case, Real Slow Stupid lol Yuuppp So my Introduction to the Air, and Steph will have to be postponed until tomorrow considering its 11:22pm and I'm tired. But even with the RSS problem and my tiredness I couldn't not post anything bc I'm so EXCITED, I gots a Blog ;)