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K is for Koala-Tot and Tiny Tot School

Tot School- Cowboy is Currently 43 Months Old

(Scroll down for Tiny Tot School with Butter 16.5 Months)

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This weeks Trays


AlphaTales Books
Crayola Dry Erase Center
Melissa and Doug Rainforest Floor Puzzle
Tot Book/Calendar Book
Letter K Playdough Mat
Crayola Finger Paint
Lincoln Logs
Vocab Cards
Melissa & Doug Alphabet Magnets
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank
LeapFrog LeapPad
Melissa & Doug Stacking Train
Busy Gears

Chart Time

Wahoo!! We now have a Chart Stand !! I am soooo Excited about this!! 
In case you didn't see my previous post, click HERE to check out my DIY Chart Stand post. This stand makes things like, chart time, Calendar time, and Bible Time so much easier! Everything is in one spot and its so easy to move around and use. 

Intro to Letter Kk using and

Lou started OFFICIAL 5th grade this week and was with us so we are getting back into the routine of Calendar Time. And this year we have a new member- TINY TOT- BUTTER!! Next week we will be taking pictures and doing interviews. Stay tuned for that post!! In the meantime- Here is my Class for 2012-2013 School year :) I am so blessed!! 

Traced Letter Kk using his playdough mat tucked in his Crayola Dry Erase Center. And he traced his letter as usual but obviously, WAS NOT feeling the tracing this day. 

Vocabulary Cards- Theme was Household items since we were revolving around "Keys=Kk" as the main object. 


With Lou being back in school this week, and it being my first official year to actually have more than one student at a time- I focused a lot on trying to get Cowboy used to playing on his own. During Tot School this summer, I was always there, it was just him and I and I played with him and watched him do all his work, which I still do of course, but as far as free play, sometimes I need time to work with Lou so I need Cowboy to be able to entertain himself- This is still a work in progress because he is not a total fan of playing alone. 

Playing with his Block Train- ALONE :) 

Reading our Alphatales Book and practicing letter K in his LeapPad.

I gave him a few strips of felt and his letter K flashcard for him to make the letter K. He really impressed me :) 

He was really into gluing this week- I pulled out some colored packing peanuts and he traced the letter Kk and matched colors on his Koala Worksheet

Shadow matching, 3 piece puzzle and sequencing cards. Theme- Keys 


Our calendar connections this month are rain forest so I had a floor puzzle out and it was really meant for Lou to do but Cowboy wanted to do it and didn't understand it wasn't like ones he was used to. But I said we could do it. So with the exception of helping me find the end pieces and pushing a few pieces in- This was all up to me and Lou. But he had fun owning that he had a part in it LOL!!

He wanted to Dot Paint his number page so that's what he did .....I love watching him especially  when he is doing something he really wants to do that he decided to do all on his own. He gets all up into it  ... 

Cutting up and playing with some playdough...... Goodness Gracious ... This Cowboy is so Handsome! 

Letter K craft- he wanted to paint it this week :) 

Playing with Space Stickers , and cutting practice......

Tiny Tot School- Butter is Currently 16.5 Months Old

Butters First Calendar Time

Mr. Patriotic- Holding the Flag while we say the Pledge


New Textures- The big kids and I were doing a Bible Craft using Cotton Balls- Butter was not so sure he liked the feel of these- He actually freaked out a little bit when he first touched them, but then after further investigation he decided they were not so bad.

He really wanted to sit on the Felt board- But then realized he could stick things on it .... Other than his little BUTT!! So he had fun sticking shapes on the board. 

Lou and I had the Globe out looking for the Amazon Rain Forest- and Butter obviously thought this was the Coolest Ball Ever... And showed it some Love ! 

He played with his Busy Gears, and Counting Pig.......2 of his favorite things! These kind of toys are only in the schoolhouse, so he gets to enjoy them because he isn't always playing with them. 

One day he woke up from his nap and Cowboy was playing with playdough... I hesitate with things like this because he still likes to put everything in his mouth- that is why I am thankful for his Nu-Nu! I still have to watch over him like a hawk, but as long as I am there, I let him play with it.  He still isn't sure if he likes how play dough feels either, but he does, however, like to play with it haha.... but only with his pointer and thumb!

As he was playing I decided to make it a learning experience and lined up the empty containers and rolled up little play dough balls for him to put in and take out. HE LOVED THIS!! 

Its hard sometimes, during Calendar Time, to find something for Tiny Tot to do... I have to keep him interested in something so that I am available to help Cowboy trace his words and numbers, and Lou with her Connection cards. So I am learning to just use my resources- I had some small little plastic containers I got out the Dollar Bin at Family Dollar- And some Ping Pong balls- I would hand them to him while telling him the color either red or blue. He shocked me by repeating the colors back to me and then would just take them in and out of the containers. I also gave him a bucket - he got creative with it a few times- but of course- Just to make sure it was a worthy toy- Butter had to make sure it fit in his mouth--- Happy Baby- Happy Momma :) 

One of the best times we had this week was trying out the show What's in the Bible Volume One - In the Beginning . I have heard so many good things about these shows but never tried them so I decided to order one and we tried it out this week.... All I can say is that Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 were all tuned in! Even me! I thought they were so informative and so cute and funny at the same time! Totally recommend them! I have already ordered Volume Two - Let My People Go ! Cant wait until it comes- in the meantime we are enjoying watching the first one over and over again :) 

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