Monday, April 1, 2013

Z is for Zebra- Tot School

Tot School- Cowboy is Currently 49 Months Old & Tiny Tot- Butter is Currently 23 Months Old

I was featured for Tot School!

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This weeks Trays:

Included on Trays:

Letter Z Playdough Mat

~Bible Memory Verse~

Zacchaeus, Come Down Immediately. I Must Stay At Your House Today. 

Intro to Letter Z, Using Starfall, ABC's of God, and Letter School Via Ipad


Using Dot Stickers to Outline Letter Z Worksheet



Reading Alpha Tales (Letter Z: Zack the Lazy Zebra) , and pointing to things that start with the letter Zz.

Letter Z is for Zebra Discussion Sheet...with Mr. Z the Zebra :) and eating a Zebra Animal Cookie! 

Things that start with Z... Alphabet Soup Sorters Letter Z

Vocabulary Cards- Clothing and objects on clothing ex. Zipper


Tracing Letter Z on Dry Erase Center

Z is for Zebra in Tot Book and tracing lines from Zebra to Letter Z. 


This week we used Bendaroos to outline letter Z on his playdough mat

He also made letters with Magz Magnetic Construction Set .


Using Abacus to practice Counting to 100!

Making Patterns and counting Stacks with Stacker Tower.

Patterns counting and Sorting with Domination by Milton Bradley - From 1982 pretty sure this game is hard to find, I think I picked it up at a yard sale and only got it because of the Cool Game Pieces :P - I am not a fan of the games name but very fun to use for tot school!! 

Shadow Matching and Sequencing 

Putting the Zippers in the Correct Order By Size, and Shadow Matching Upper and Lower Case Z. 


Learning about all the different Animals of the World and where they come from with this Bright Kids Animals of the World Puzzle.

I only got a few shots of Butter this week!! I would ask him where are the Carrots and he would hand me the piece if he knew it and when we were all done, he would put the puzzle back together.

3 piece Z for Zipper Puzzle

We reviewed all letters with the LeapFrog Alphabet Magnets 


Using the Guide Cards that come with the Bendaroos , he made a Bear 

Letter Z Craft- We tried out Car Painting, which was a TOTAL Hit! He absolutely Loved this :) 


Building with Magz Magnetic Construction Set

Building with Legos  

 Playing with Mr. Z the Zebraand His Family of Zebras :)

~Making Memories~

One Day we just had school outside and just brought out a ton of books, and all cuddled up on a blanket and all took turns reading stories :P I love that they Love books, and let me read to them over and over again :) (even the Princess still loves to let me read to her!!) 

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