Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bugs and Boogers

This post is called Bugs and Boogers because, my sons played in a bug sensory bin yesterday and both have Snot noses. Its what came to mind when I sat down to write. So its pretty fitting. Wednesdays trays consisted of pom pom pushing, stickers, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, bug sensory bin, bible lesson on Thanking God, Letter Bb puzzles and Tot time Notebook.

Started with Stickers. This activity is good because he has to peel the backs off the stickers and its lots of little pieces of paper on the back. So hes getting hand and eye coordination skills when doing it. This is a picture of the back of one of the stickers.
I used some of his dot painted letter B's from the day before to conserve paper and to have a background of B! The first one I just let him stick them wherever, but on the ball I had him put the little stars on the little b and Big stars on the Big B.

We read our bible devotion on Thanking God, then did the butterfly puzzles, and pompom pushing.

We wrapped up with his Tot time Notebook. We traced the letter Bb and some lines.

I got the idea of a tot time notebook from my favorite blog that I posted about before. Its called 1+1+1=1. A tot time notebook is basically a binder with worksheets covered with Heavy Duty sheet protectors, and you use dry erase markers on the sheet protectors to save on paper and for more practice. When you are done, you just wipe off. Cowboy is not a colorer, he doesn't really even like to draw, but I pull it out when I need him to do something while Lou and I are working on something or like on this day I just added it to one of his trays.

Sensory Bin Fun!
Bugs - Beans - Bears  

Butter came in for some of the action on the sensory bin today. We had Toob Bugs, (which I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby I included a link) bear math manipulative's, and pinto beans from walmart :) I got the shovels and measuring cups from dollar tree. This was fun, but I cant guarantee that Butter didn't eat a bean. I was watching but that boy is sneaky!

Butter learned a new word today to add to his vocabulary its FISH! He points to all pictures now and calls it a fish :)

Cowboy woke up screaming from his nap because I'm assuming he couldn't breathe due to his nose being so stopped up. So I had to cheer him up. Hes been on me about everything wanting to help. So I found a box of Chocolate pudding and let him have at it! He did great pouring and mixing. I only helped to finish off the stirring at the end. He was a happy happy Cowboy after that.

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