Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Gem Stone Magnets

I saw on another site somewhere how to make magnets using gem stones. I thought I would share how I did mine.

You will need:
a roll of Magnet strip tape
Gems Stones (dollar store)
Hot glue gun

At first I attempted to use the sticky side of the magnet pressed against the stone. Well that worked for about 2 seconds. So I broke out the hot glue gun. All the kids helped me sort the colors, cut and peel off the tape. Butter was really interested in touching them and sorting the colors in the wrong cup. It was too cute :) But I was scared that he was going to put them in his mouth so I got them busy in the play room so I could hot glue them.

I just dabbed them with glue and stuck on the magnet. I had to work fast because the "HOT" glue was getting hard really quick. I would suggest that you let them dry magnet side up so they dry correctly I had a few that came apart because I left them on the cookie sheet. I plan on getting other colors and doing some more soon.

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