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Playschool Week 2

PlaySchool Week 2 
Cowboy- Currently 4yrs (50 months Old)  
Butter Currently (24 Months Old) 

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Numbers and Counting Review

Gave Cowboy a Pot of Fuzzy Pom Poms and Number Cards and I would call out a Number he would then find the number, then place the correct amount of Pom Poms on the number. 

Calling out and Sorting Numbers with Number Bean Bags  

 Butter Sorting Glitter Pom Poms 

 Going over Colors, Shapes with Melissa & Doug Stack and Sort Board  

Reading/Letters and Sounds 

Cowboy Working on letter D on his Dry Erase Center

For the Summer I am trying out Hooked on Phonics- Level 1 Kit with Cowboy just as a trial to see if he progresses with it. I know that a lot of schools and parents have switched from learning to read by phonics, to learning by sight. Since I am blessed with the privilege of homeschooling, I want to know which works best according to his learning style. And if I could choose for him it would be phonics, but I want to make sure that's the way that works best for him, if not we can try a different route. But for now, he seems to like it and learning new letter sounds more and more each day. 

I have the old school cassette version Hooked on Phonics- Level 1 Kit so we just pop in the tape each day and go through all the letters and sounds as the tape guides us :P 

Building Vocabulary by Flashing Objects using Educational Insights Smart Talk Cards to Butter to encourage learning  New Words


Psalms 23 
In the past, Cowboy has learned a bible memory verse using the ABC Scripture Cards from Icanteachmychild. To challenge him, I gave him a whole passage. I just wanted to see how he would handle taking on such a huge task. I am not a fan of drilling a child with scripture! And I am here to say, there is absolutely no need to do so. Children are absolutely amazing... their growing minds are like Computers they take in so much information. This challenge also reminded me how much children take in way more than your think they do and to continue to use caution in every area because they are able to download all TV images, Music, Adult Conversations and pick up on the things we would least expect. When I tell you he absolutely amazed me by memorizing the entire passage after a week of reviewing this verse a few minutes a day during bible time, and a few nights at prayer time.... I was in awe. I struggle in the memory department haha- But God in all his awesomeness, writes his word on our hearts, and to see and hear his word, joyfully come out of my 4 year olds mouth, was truly a feeling I can not express in words. I am so proud of my little man, and he is VERY proud of himself. 

Science Fun

We talked about how different Species have Different Life Cycles. Here he is watching a youtube video on the Life Cycle of Salmon. Here is the YouTube Link- Life Cycle of a Salmon

A friend of mine told me about a special coming on PBS about the Digestive System, so I previously recorded it. It worked out Perfect Since Lou just finished learning about the DS. So we all watched as a guy swallowed a mini camera and got an inside look at the Digestive System and how it works. Cowboy obviously, was not impressed. I don't think I can count on him pursuing a career in the medical field :P 

Life Skills

Learning to use a keyboard

Cowboy learning to identify letters of his name on a keyboard and type them in before he starts playing Blue's Clues PC Game.

As the boys get older, I am trying to set up general life habits/skills and chores that are suitable for their age. Here they are helping put dirty clothes in the hamper. They also love helping load and unload the washer and dryer. This age is so fun because they actually LOVE to help... Get it while you can Mommas!! Im sure in a few years they will not be as excited to help me :P 

Lou absolutely LOVES Whole Foods. I usually do not like to shop with all three kids because I end up spending more money and because I am VERY EASILY, Distracted... But I needed to go one day so me and my posse loaded up and went :P It was fun though and actually like a mini field trip. The boys were fascinated with the Brick Oven that they use to cook Pizza in. And of course we had to eat some!! 


Problem Solving and Shapes 
Mighty Mind is a great way to introduce creative thinking and problem solving. The Cards that come with it are basically a design with some shapes missing. I let Cowboy Start with the easiest ones first and he works his way on up. He uses the shape pieces to make a complete picture on the Cards. He can do this alone and each time he does a card it gives him a sense of accomplishment and leaves him feeling he can complete a task on his own. It also allows him to think outside of the box and to develop his own ability of observation. I really love activities like these because he not only has fun doing it but with something so simple, he is learning so much!

Puzzle Time 

Putting together a Transformers Puzzle from the Puzzle Bin.  

Free Play

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