Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review: Bringing up Boys

I love to read, but I slack in that area because I hardly have enough time to do so, unless I need help with something, I make time to research and learn. Well like I said last week we had an off week, and I found myself with a little extra time. I have been dealing with an issue that I just needed help with. That issue is BOYS! Mainly, for now, and I am sure will change as Butter gets a little older, but Cowboy is definately all BOY and strong willed to say the least. Lou, obviously a girl, was very easy growing up and listened and obeyed very well. She has never given me problems when it comes to discipling other than very minor things. With that being said, I had not a clue how different a little guy would be. I thought honestly it was all in the way the parents raised them, which is right, but you deal with boys in a totally different way. I wish I could say Cowboy was as easy as Lou was. He sometimes likes to test me to the very brink of losing it! I had noticed I was becoming a yeller. Something I am not very proud of. I was losing all self control because I had no idea how to deal with someone so hard headed. So I sought out help mainly for myself to help me stop yelling so much and get some peace so that I could be a better mother and influence for my kids. No one wants to hear nagging and yelling all day! Nor, did I want to keep feeling so gulity for my kids seeing a part of me I was not proud of. That was in no way the kind of influence or character trait I wanted to be imparting into my kids. So I looked through different sites online, and one day I came across a book titled Bringing up Boys by Dr. James Dobson the founder of Focus on the Family. So I checked it out at the library. I came home that day and started reading it.

I can honestly say, it was so Eye Opening. I couldnt put it down. I read it all in a day in a half and it is not a little book. I guess that shows how starved I was for answers. I learned so many things not only about what makes Cowboy tick, but my husband as well. Boys are so different than girls and I always knew that but I didnt know why specifically, other than obvious reasons. I would totally recomend this book not only to mothers or grandmothers of Boys, but to wives as well  just for insight on what makes or has made their husband the way they are. It would offer up starting points for healing in marriages. Even If their marriage is great and without issue, it is so interesting to know what makes him, him and how his mind really works, not to say that it totally gives all answers, but it helps a lot! The following is the table of contents for the book. If you read it, I hope it helps you like it has and is helping me :)  

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