Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter Bb with Cowboy

This kid needs a haircut !!!

Just saying :) Hopefully Cousin Amm will have time to cut all of our hair soon! I need one real bad and Lou is wanting to chop hers for the summer.

Today's Trays
He started off with sorting the pom-poms. First big then little. He used the spatulas to grab the big ones (found them at Hobby Lobby for like $2) and tweezers for the small. Each time he placed one in the blue circle he had to tell me the color. For whatever reason he is struggling with Red, purple, and black. He knows them but
can't ever remember them. And of course confuses black with brown. But he did  awesome regardless. The bears he just sorted by color and counted.

Next he wanted to do his letter of the week Bb. We reviewed Aa and he remembered ! Yay :) He dot painted B and b. We also went over words and animals that start with Bb.

For his last tray, he chose beading. This was his least favorite. He would get so aggravated because the string wouldn't go far enough in the bead. He did a few then was done. That was ok with me. I did however try to encourage him just a little by asking if he wanted to finish it and give it to his sister. That gave him a little extra motivation ... How sweet ;)
His gift for Lou

Lou worked on the silly faces puzzle and decided to be silly too!! Shes loving not having to use her brain too much since its summer!

We only played outside for like 30 minutes today because it was super hot! 93 feeling like 105.

After dinner, we ended up back outside since it was cooler, to let the kids play and put the pop up down... BOO It looked so cute up in the backyard, but rain is coming :( We all played a little kickball and Cowboy made us some either hot or high, I couldn't tell what he was saying, Grass Tea, each in our own individual miniature potting cup- it was grassy and good. I wish I had thought to take a picture of that!

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