Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rainforest Lapbook-Unit Study 5th Grade

Amazon Rainforest Lapbook- 5th Grade 

Our Calendar Connection Cards for September were Rainforest theme ... So I thought this would be a fun unit to study! We learned a ton... and it was my first time actually creating my very own lesson plan and Lou's first Lapbook! I spent several hours researching and learning the ropes of what a unit study is and how to plan my own lessons. 

It was very annoying and time consuming trying to figure out what exactly to do, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I remember praying a great deal during this time because it would have been so much easier to just buy a book that had everything already ready to go!I am so glad even though it took A LOT of my time.. that I took the time to research planning my own because now planning currently and future studies, I know where to look and what to do. 

I found most of my information on Dynamic 2 Moms. They have a very detailed Rainforest Unit Study. I also used books from the library, and of course a big help was our Calendar Connection Cards.  We also used the globe a good bit!! OH- and GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE!!!

Putting together Melissa & Doug Rainforest Floor Puzzle with the help of Cowboy : P 

We watched Bill Nye explain and demonstrate Photosynthesis...

We read The Great Kapok Tree   and did silly voices for the animals.....

She worked on her mini books outside and the boys of course always wanted to help ! 

After a month of hard work it was finally time to put together her very first Lapbook... with her glue helper Cowboy..

She wanted the front of her book to have a picture of a lizard with its tongue sticking out trying to catch bugs as you opened it. So we found a picture of Pascal from the movie Tangled, and printed him out and used a pipe cleaner for his tongue. We also made a trip to Hobby Lobby to find special rainforest stickers to decorate her lapbook. Lou drew a picture of her own of  the amazon to stick in the book as well. 

This is the final product- all of our mini books came from Dynamic 2 Moms. 

Front of Lapbook


Top flap

 Both Flaps open 

 Bottom Flap

Back of Book 

Daughter Date !! Fresh Beat Style...

For Easter this year- I got Lou VIP tickets to the Fresh Beat Band Concert... It was a LONG 5 months of waiting but FINALLY it arrived ! ! It was the best mommy-daughter date EVER! We had a blast and we both enjoyed our alone time together = ) 

On our way in we see their tour buses and stopped for a photo opp! 

Being Goofy headed in to get our VIP passes 

WAHOOOO!!! Very Important People for the night !!! 

When we got in we only thought we had awesome seats!! 

Until we realized we were in the WRONG seats and instead of like the 8th row... our seats were on the 3RD ROW!!!

The show was supposed to start at 5:30 but ..... was late so we just acted goofy for a bit.....

But Lou was ready .... and 

 Tired of waiting.....


 She was transformed!! 

 And we were HAPPY !!! 

The GRAND finale!! She was one happy girl :) 

Then we went to the after party and she drew some pictures, made some crafts, ate some snacks, learned a Fresh Beat Dance and then we waited to meet them....

Waiting in line to meet them :}

Getting closer and closer 

 YAY YAY YAY!!!! Totally worth the 5 month wait....

This is what making memories is ALL ABOUT!!