Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Puddle...

Last night Joey went to shave his head and I said, "Oh good, when your done you can cut Cowboys..." Well he did a little more than cut it. At first I was sad just because his little curls make him still my wittle man. Every time he gets his hair cut I cry a little on the inside because he looks so grown up :( I'm over it today, I like it and his head looks about 10 times smaller now ! My poor son inherited his big head from his Popz (my dad) I will say that they wear it good though ;) Neither one would be themselves if their head was any smaller haha! This is all coming out wrong - Love you Daddy!

A look at today's Trays

The only new thing we did today was use play dough to outline the letter Cc worksheet that was covered with a heavy duty sheet protector , that way you can reuse the worksheet.

After lunch I decided to take the kids to the playground, which also has a spray park. They were all excited to go! So was I because I knew that it would burn some of the energy they have been storing. It has been raining so much, they haven't been able to let it out, which has burned this momma out! Well we get there and they wanted to play on the playground first, so they did. They had a little Butter sized slide he enjoyed it while the big kids went on the big slide.
Well wouldn't you know as we walked over to the spray park, the water was turned off :( We were all disappointed. There were a few clouds in the sky so maybe they turned it off because they thought it was going to rain. So we decided to wait it out and walked back over to the playground to have some water and a snack. 

Cowboy loves trains, and it just so happened that I heard one coming on the track that is right near the park. I told Lou to run and get him so that he could watch it pass. He was so excited it was so close to us. I am lucky I even got this picture because he was glued to watching it pass by he had no time for momma and her picture taking.

Lou kept begging to walk over to the spray park because there was 1 Big puddle they could at least run around in. I caved and we went. I just have to brag on them for a minute, instead of being grumpy and upset that the water was off and complaining about it, they made the best of the situation. They had the best time running around in this puddle for an hour. I wish the water would have been on for them, but it was so awesome to watch them have fun and be content in the little things.
The water never did get turned on, but they had fun anyway! We headed home to play outside for a little while and have a Popsicle to cool down. It was starting to get really cloudy but the wind was blowing and it felt so good outside! It eventually started to rain so we went inside to get ready for nap time.

Tonight's dinner was slamming! I made hamburger steak with onions and gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots and peas. I just had to share!!! mmmmm!

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