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Letter Rr- Raccoon- Tot School

Tot School - Letter R for Raccoon - Cowboy is Currently 47.5 Months Old and Tiny Tot Butter is Currently 20 Months Old 

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This weeks Tray and Chart Set Up

Included on trays: (Links included)

Alpha Tales (Letter R: Rosey Rabbit¹s Radish) (Grades PreK-1)
Disney's Pocahontas (A Little Golden Book) 
My "r" Book The Baby Animal Books (A Golden Shape Book) 
The Kissing Hand [With (Audio)]
A Pocket Full of Kisses
ABC Scripture Cards 
Childs First Bible Play & Discover What Goes Together?
Stacker Pegs and Pegboard Set
Lakeshore Learning Gems in a Treasure ChestCounting Game
Tot Book 
Playdough Bucket Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold
Playskool Mr. Potato Head
Dry Erase Center
Melissa & Doug Magnetic Bug Puzzle
Golden Frame Tray Puzzle Spring Discovery
Puzzle Patch Shapes and Colors Puzzle
Dot Paint
Playdough Mat
Letter R Dot page
Letter R Maze
Magnetic Gems 
Chart Set - Animal ABC's

Something New! I made a ABC and 123 Board ... ok Door... The purpose of this is to have the little ones every morning start out with their pointers and point to each letter as they say their ABC's and count. So far it is going good, and I hope this visual tool helps my boys :) and they feel big standing in a big chair, pointing and teaching mommy what they know !

 I pulled a new Bible to start reading from, Childs First Bible so far, I really like it. It is just long enough to make the point of the story without the little ones drifting out in to space ... or losing their focus. Its also very colorful and has lots of pictures, to keep them entertained while I read them the bible story.

I also started using our ABC Scripture Cards again, oh man, after this week, I dont know why in the world I STOPPED !! Well I guess because when I first started, Cowboy was still a little young and since he could never really remember the verses, I didnt want him to feel as if I was trying to force him to learn, So I would read them here and there from time to time, but I recently have brought them back into our routine and Cowboy LOVES doing his Bible Memory Verse! He is thrilled that he can remember - and it truly melts my heart!!! I love it and cant wait to hear him recite next weeks scripture by memory! This is the one he learned this week, and he knows it word for word... So Proud!! 

Talking about Raccoon's, using our letter R discussion sheet- and tracing and Drawing in his tot book using printables from Animal ABC's

 I had Disney's Pocahontas (A Little Golden Book) on our trays this week well because of Mikko the Raccoon of Course! We read the book a few times, and watched the movie =} I also read the book that Lou writes for him every week for whatever letter he is doing, this one was titled- The Red Rocket....

Enter Tiny Tot- Butter watched, sorted and tried to eat the Gems from the Counting Game Gems in a Treasure Chest. He also tried to play with us, we helped him count them and told him the colors that he had in his treasure chest. 

I loved watching these two learn and try and play the game together - and Cowboy trying to teach Butter "Da Rules" 

Cowboy worked on his Worksheets, while Butter colored in his Notebook. 

These Play & Discover What Goes Together? puzzles were fun to do, you match up things like toothbrush-toothpaste, car-gas, boat anchor- etc. and only 2 pieces each, he liked that ! 

Making Letter R with Playdough using his Playdough Mat tucked inside his Dry Erase Center.

Moved to floor for more room and so Butter could play too. 


Cowboy, working on a Number Dot to Dot 1-10 Rabbit while Butter learned about Colors playing with the Crayola Beginnings Baby Bob and Color - He would do the Touch Down Arm Raise, everytime a color popped up !! 

Stacking rings with FisherPrice Rock-a-Stack

Cowboy having some free play and learning how to build towers with the Stacker Pegs and Pegboard Set


One of my Favorite things we did this week, was Read the The Kissing Hand [With (Audio)] and A Pocket Full of Kisses- all the kids, Even Lou loved this book- its a family fave. I also have it on Books on tape version and this is cowboy listening to it and reading along, as he learns how to turn the page when the bell rings. 

We also made Kissing Hand Cookies you can see the full post and how to version HERE

I am absolutely loving our ipad! My hubby got me one for Christmas and it is the best present ever!!! I love it :) My kids prob use it more than me but that is exactly why I wanted it - Here Cowboy is reading Toy Story interactive book- He is really starting to enjoy books in any form and this momma loves that!! Butter playing another day on the Crayola Beginnings Baby Bob and Color

Butter playing, while Lou works on some Science, with Letter and Farm Magnets - as I point to the different letters - Its so fun to hear him say the letters back !! 

Reading about Raccoons and other animals in The Baby Animal Books (A Golden Shape Book) this book was so cute because its shaped like a raccoon on the cover :)

Letter R Craft - he decided to paint it Green- then cut the raccoon's and then glued them onto his Letter R

Fishing for bugs and Letters- Concentrating on Letters he has already gone over, and the ones he knows past Letter R. We just used the net magnet from Melissa & Doug Magnetic Bug Puzzle to fish for Magnetic letters :P 


 Dot painting ...

Reading the Kissing Hand using the Kissing Hand App, in which I totally recommend getting because it is FREE!! 

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