Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tot School- Letter Q for Quail

Tot School With Cowboy- Letter Qq for Quail 

This will be a very Short Post Due to the fact that Cowboy was not feeling well and his Eczema flared up pretty bad, So bad that he looked like he had a horrible case of the measles or Chicken pox :( My poor little man was in no mood for school or picture taking for sure, but we did do a few things ... 

Going over Letter Q on

 Lacing The Queen .....

Going over Vocabulary "Royal" Vocabulary for the week 

Letter Q - Quail Craft we just Glued them on nothing special added this week :( 

The rest of the pictures from here until the end, I am sure you will be able to see that he was not a happy whittle man :( But he did his best!! Cause he wanted to feel good bad! 

 Letter Q Discussion Page and reading Alpha Tales (Letter Q: The Quiet Quail)

Tracing his Letter on his Dry Erase Center  

Playing and Building with ZOOBS

Tiny Tot Butter Did a few things this week like play with Playdough .... looking all cute :) 

Lou and I are studying the Skeletal System, So the kids did a project using toothpicks and playdough to see why exactly we need bones :) 

 This is cowboys playdough figure with toothpicks as bones, he learned that without bones we would not be able to move or stand, but with bones we then have a structure, and are able to do many things.

 Butter playing with Playskool Poundin Nails .....

Learning about Sheep, Cows and Horses while doing Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Barnyard Animals Jumbo Knob Puzzle Puzzle. 

Reading Elmo, which he refers to as Mel- Moe.... He Loves him some Mel- Moe.... I read him some questions, and asked him to point out some of the objects in the book, he really enjoyed this activity.

Cowboy playing some Letter Q games in his LeapPad Learning System using books from LeapPad Phonics boxed set.

Coloring and gluing Quails 

We played a few Rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippos

And he used Playful Patterns shapes to design a Castle for the QUEEN!!!

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