Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kissing Hand Cookies R is for Raccoon- Tot School

Kissing Hand Cookies

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This week was R for Raccoon in Tot School- So I found the idea for these cookies on Pinterest. I loved the idea!! So we made some and had so much fun making them!! I searched through my bazillion cookie cutters and was so sad that I did not have a hand- So I went with a foot because, well- that is all I had, and according to my kids it looked like a raccoon hand anyway!! So whatever works! 

You will need:
Sugar Cookie Mix- or make homemade (I just went with store bought)
Hershey Kisses
Hand- OR Foot Cookie Cutter 

So simple- you just knead your dough a little bit to get it soft enough to roll out (if using store bought sprinkle a little flour on rolling pin and working area) 


Roll out your dough - 


Get a couple cute kids to cut out the cookies :P 



Throw them - ok, no you better just place- them in the oven- 


While they are baking, start unwrapping Hershey Kisses, (eat one) and have them ready, (eat another one), because as soon as they are done, you want to put the kisses on so they will start to melt. (dont forget to replace the ones you ate!!)  The first batch we did, we just placed them on each cookie, but the next go round, we pushed them into the cookie- I suggest pushing just come out better and are easier to store :P 

Then poor some milk in your favorite sippy and MMMMM.... Enjoy and read the book together again !!! 

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