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Christmas Tot School 2012...a lil late :(

Christmas 2012 - Learning In Grace 

Merry Christmas to All!!! Hope you all had a Blessed Holiday and Happy New Year ! 

So here is what our Christmas Set up looked like, I started this post before the holidays but got so busy... I never finished, so I know I'm late but better late than never!! 

Trays Include:
Christmas Coloring Books 
123 Sesame Street Magazine Winter with Elmo- Feb 2003 Edition
Ice Cube trays for Sorting (Walmart)
Christmas Stamps from Dollar Tree
Crayola Markers

Well Honestly ... we mainly played this week!!! We did fun stuff and didn't concentrate on any "Technical Learning" Although, I love how kids are learning, even when they don't even know it!! 

This was a new toy I got just in time for the Holidays, called Learning Resources Candy Construction. It was a hit, although they all wanted to eat it ....and I kinda did too... 

Even the Lou bell had fun playing with it !! 

 We read LOTS of Books this one is The Story of Baby Jesus (Alice in Bibleland Storybooks) is told by a little girl who goes into a storybook as it retells the story of Christmas the REAL meaning of Christmas....

Cowboy did some Gluing and cutting practice, making Snowmen, and putting pictures in the right spot on a worksheet.


All the kids loved playing with the Veggietales Nativity set  

 Lou worked with Butter on the floor on the Lap Tray - teaching him colors using the Crayola Beginnings Baby Bob and Color and animal sounds with the chunky puzzle - Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Barnyard Animals Jumbo Knob Puzzle she is really good at teaching him things he loves his sissy! This toy is awesome! Butter loves it and we pretty much use it everyday for tiny tot... Even Cowboy likes playing with it .... still...

I was so excited to score this The Nativity Floor Puzzle set at life-way one day! It was on sale and I was super excited, it comes with a CD with printables songs, and this gigantic puzzle!! Cowboy had a blast putting it all together ! 

 He was so proud of himself when he was done and saw how HUGE it was ! 

Christmas stamping and Art 

 Making Snowflakes with Craft SticksGlitter Shakers and markers. 

I love this Melissa & Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks set it comes with about 6 different pattern shape puzzles, and the kids really like going through them all and putting them together. 

And what is a Holiday without a sensory bin!!! This is really one I just threw together with a few things I already had on hand and a few things from the dollar store. I couldn't believe it, but this bin, so far out of all the ones I have made, has been their fave - and this was the easiest one!!! The boys played for hours with this basket. Any time I needed to clean or cook outside of school, I would go run and get it and they would just play and play! Its just some Jingle Bells , cheap ornaments from the dollar tree, plastic candy canes, Christmas themed erasers, and a few different kinds of containers for them to dump, scoop and fill etc... Total hit! 

Christmas Sensory Basket Fun!!! 

Butter LOVED LOVED LOVED this !! It was soooo amazing to watch him explore this basket and all its items and to see what he was going to do with them next! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!!!! From Learning In Grace ! 
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