Friday, October 12, 2012

M is for Mouse- Tot School

Tot School- Cowboy is currently 43.5 Months Old

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This Weeks Trays

Trays Include:
Up, Up, and Away! Book
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Dry Erase Center
Alpha Tales (Letter M: Monkey¹s Miserable Monday)
Fall Sensory Bin
Letter M Pack
Mr. Potato Heads
DIY Puff Paint
Minnie and Mickey Mouse Golden Puzzle
Craft Pom Poms
Red Rover Game
Magnetic Farm
Christopher Columbus Tot Pack

This weeks Chart

Using Starfall and for Letter Mm Introduction

Spiderman Is Cowboys Buddy!! So when he saw on Masks on Starfall he had to show me it was just like Spidermans Mask. 

Doing letter Mm in sign language


Going over his Mouse Discussion Sheet

Monday was Columbus Day So we did a Tot Pack from 3 Dinosaurs about Columbus and watched a cartoon about what took place in 1492- When Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue!! 

Here I used the printable puppets to tell him the story of Christopher Columbus....

After I told the story, I had him tell it back to me using the puppets

Size Sequencing using Compass print outs, 1492 puzzle, Prewriting Practice, Which one is Different, and Tic Tac Toe all from the tot pack that you can download HERE

This week we made Homemade Puffy Paint!! (click on link to see how we did it)

Cutting practice, and Vocabulary Cards

Working on learning numbers past 10 .... We are shooting to learn 11-20 So we used his number sheet from his tot book, and - Baby Bear Counters and practiced counting. 

We also Made our Fall Sensory bin!! Cowboy put it all together himself !! 
(click on link to see how we did it) 

And I had a NOT so bright idea and thought I would put some orange straws in the bin for stirring and such- well BAD MOVE MOM- I was getting hit left and right with popcorn spit balls! So we got rid of that --- but it was fun to him and very creative haha! 

He even made me some soup! 

 Concentrating hard on gluing Craft Pom Poms to his Letter M sheet

 Him and Lou played Mousetrap; with their OWN rules :P 

Letter M Craft with Glitter Shakers

3 Piece Mouse puzzle, Shadow Matching, Size Sequencing, and Lacing 

 Tracing Letter Mm on the Dry Erase Center

Playing Red Rover Game - He calls out either a color, shape, letter, or number bone then he had to stick it in the dogs mouth to see if he got it right

 Building with Mr. Potato Heads - He made me a cute one :)

Tiny Tot School- Butter is Currently 17.5 Months old

Butter didn't do much "school" play this week because we didn't have calendar time at all this week due to a lot of things going on. But he did have some FUN times!! 

We went to the park and he had a blast sliding and running around like he owned the place :P 

Butter helped the "Big" Kids make Puffy Paint- He was our paint color Masher!! 

Great Sensory Idea!! 

 He also played in the Fall Sensory Bin with Cowboy..... and fed some stuffed animals

He liked dumping the beans out of the bucket with the scoop.... and digging

He also did some sorting and separating of the popcorn and beans....

 And of Course always made an appearance for SNACK time : P 

Moms Favorite 

My Favorite Memory this week- Cowboy Accidentally turned on the web cam during computer time and we were all like oh look a camera.... and started being goofy together.... Here we are minus the little man who was sleeping ..... We laughed and giggled and acted crazy... Good Times 

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  1. LOL, I love the last picture of all of you. Your Fall sensory bin looks amazing!

  2. I love the idea of pouring the sensory bin material into an ice-cube tray!

  3. This is so great! It makes me look forward to next "tot school year" with my girl.

  4. Thanks so much for your comments!! And for stopping by!!

  5. What a great sensory bin!! Thanks so much for linking up to Tot School Tuesday on See Vanessa Craft!

  6. Wow, you are so on top of things! What a fun week!!

  7. What a really good post.
    I'm particularly interested in that sign language website - think I have it as no reply set though so would really appreciate it if you had time to e-mail me with the details if you could please.

    I shall pin this post :O)