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L is for Llama and Leaves- Tot and Tiny Tot school

Tot School- Cowboy is currently 43 months old

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This weeks Trays:

Is Your Mama a Llama?
Fall Leaves Fall
Alpha Tales Letter L
Fall Leaves Fall Dry Erase Center Cool Crazy Connectors Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold Little Bo Peep Puzzle
Ladybug Letters Baby Bear Counters and Three Bears Family Pattern Cards
Stacker Pegs and Pegboard Set
Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set
First Brain Quest


This week we did Letter Ll and I was so excited that Fall was here and we got to use L for Leaves as well! 


Intro To Letter Ll using and

I love that starfall also teaches sign language letters!! This is my Cowboy showing my L in sign language :P 

Going over discussion page on Llamas in his Tot Book/Calendar Book.

I found this Football Tot Pack from 3 dinosaurs and printed some activities out since it was Fall :) FOOTBALL TIME!! Here he is lining up the footballs by size, and putting together a referee puzzle. 
Going over shapes with leaves in them, Tracing Letter Ll with his Dry Erase Center and Reading The lamb who loved to laugh book from our AlphaTales Box Set

Counting the Leaves on our Number Cards from HERE

Reading Fall Leaves Fall!! He loved this book he wanted me to read it over and over again for him. 

Stamping a paper plate with the letter Ll from his Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set- making a special present for his Sissy "Lou"!

Here he is separating Small Medium and Large Leaves. I printed this pack last year and it is from 

Playing with his new Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold set. He loved it!! 

Daddy came in for a little while and helped Cowboy spell some fall word cards using his Letter Tiles 

Vocabulary Review theme- outdoors- Sequence and leaf puzzle

This was a fun game I just did on the fly... I laid out some silk leaves and gave him the pinwheels and let him blow them everywhere. It was a hit... 

Little Bo Peep Puzzle and Reading Is Your Mama a Llama? 

These are a thrift store find and after a huge bath in Bleach- I think this is one of our favorite thrifty discoveries. They are called Pop-Onz Pop 'n Build Blocks and the boys love them!

Doing some sorting with his Mancala game and patterns with Baby Bear Counters and Three Bears Family Pattern Cards.

This was one of my favorite things of the week. He was determined to let me know he knew certain letters so he went over to the box that has all the foam letters from our foam letter mat and brought out all the letters he knew and put them one by one on the desk to prove his letter knowledge :) And just like his shirt says... He is AMAZING ;) 


I took out all the letters we have gone over up until this point from his Ladybug Letters puzzle and he put together Upper and lower case letters. 

Tiny Tot School- Butter is Currently 17 Months old 

I do tiny tot school any opportunity that I have- but here lately its been during calendar time. That's what has been consistent and is working :) for the most part! I don't force him nor do I make it a big deal he loves doing all the activities I give him. So just because I say school its more like individual PLAY time and he gets all mommas attention :)

Here is Butter playing with his Animal Activity Puzzle he likes showing us all what each piece is and what sound they make.

The big kids were making their bible craft so I thought I would let him experiment with stickers. He mainly liked sticking them on and pulling them right back off :P

I made this sorter container by using an old container and cutting a hole in the top. I hand him a flash card of an object, he tells me what it is and then he pushes it on in ....

Hes just so handsome...... This is a Turtle Sorter  you push the shapes through the right hole. He likes just taking the top off and throwing the pieces down and mommy picking them back up for him OVER and OVER again ...... haha

Flip Blocks I would point to a letter and turn it over and tell him the object on the other side or if he knew it, he would tell me

Cowboy loves being a BIG brother and to HELP anytime he can! Butter on the other hand is not always a fan of his help but they usually work good together. 

Got this book this week at the thrift store its really cool its called Rock & Roll: Colors  both boys enjoyed it. 
There is a little chip inside the book that you rock and roll on each page

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Happy Fall Ya'll!! 

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  1. Wow, well done, so many activities and games you have, I enjoyed reading through your post!