Saturday, July 7, 2012

Letters A-D Review Week

Tot School- Cowboy is Currently 40.5 Months Old

This week I decided to review the letters we have covered over the past few weeks before moving on to another set. The theme for this week was 4th of July so I decorated the school with stuff relating to the theme. We started Monday with Aa is for Alligator and here is a look at the trays.

Letter Aa (more letter A fun HERE)

Included in these trays: (Left to right top to bottom)
Letter Aa Alphatales Book
2 Alligator Books from Library
Tot time Book filled with letter A worksheets (Fondue the Alligator prop)

Letter D tracing printable on our Crayola Dry Erase Center

Clothespin Alligator Craft
Wooden peg puzzles (from walmart)
Foam Shape Magnets and Cookie Sheet
Lincoln Logs

This week we also started Calendar time in which I do with both Cowboy and Lou. I will write a stand alone post about it in detail, but for now its where we meet all together and sing songs and talk about a topic and fill out sheets in our Calendar notebook, or in Cowboys case he just uses his Tot Book because he isn't quite old enough to do the Calendar notebook yet. Although he thinks he is so I just use his Tot book to make him feel included as far as the writing activities are concerned.

On the front of his tot book I put his Alligator discussion sheet which has a picture and simple questions talking about the picture just to get your little one talking and thinking. If you notice I added a prop with his trays today, the mini alligator, better known as fondue. I don't know why but that's what Cowboy named him and for the rest of the day, fondue joined us in all our activities.

My son is such a boy and so NOT a draw or color kinda dude, but he did great with tracing the letter :) Having Lou next to him did have advantages!

Reading his books on alligators, stamping with letter A&a Stamps, Clothes pin Alligator, Cutting and pasting Letter A craft.

Chart Time: Practicing shapes, and numbers

Tracing Letter Aa, Shape Magnets and looks like he is using Fondue as a spoon to eat and octagon :/

Letter Bb (more letter B fun HERE)

Included in these trays:
Bear books from Library
Letter Bb printable in Crayola Dry Erase Center
Bear Pattern Cards and Bear Counters
Nugget the Bear Prop

Dress the Bear Puzzle
Melissa and Doug lacing beads set also on the tray are different assorted balls I found around the house and some sensory light up ones I found in the $1 section at Target.

Talking about the Bear picture and coloring the color of the day in his tot book.

He put the bears on the correct color and would tell me what color they were as he was doing it

Dress the bear puzzle is fun because you can dress him in anything therefore the puzzle pieces don't have to go in a specific spot. He cut and pasted his Bb craft. Then we read about Jesus and Zacchaeus. It was funny hearing him trying to say his name. Then he found the balls and his favorite I put out were the sensory balls that lit up as you bounced them. I don't even think he played with the others.

We all played a few rounds of Honey Bee (love this game) and then the kids used the leaves to pretend they were both COWBOYS !

Letter Cc (More letter C HERE)

Included on trays:
Caterpillar Books from Library

Cat Lacing,Card Caterpillar bugs for play, Star Tray with pompoms for sorting, Tweezers
Egg Carton, Google eyes, and pipe cleaners Hermi the stuffed Caterpillar

Cat Puzzle


Making egg carton Caterpillars of course Lou had to be in on that!  

Lacing with his C is for Cat card and sorting with Pom Poms and tracing his letter page. He really enjoyed looking at all the GROSS Caterpillars!

Tiny Tot School- Butter is Currently 14 Months Old
As you can tell by his hair Butter just woke up :) Poor Kid hes got some Crazy Locks!

All playing Color Cookies together

They can play so sweet together sometimes :)

Letter Dd (more letter D HERE)

Included in Trays:

Repeat of above trays
Alphabet puzzle from target
Last day of 4th of July Sensory Bin
Finish Caterpillars
Dot paint letter Dd
D is for Dolphin Craft and Discussion Sheet

Sensory Play

Glow in the dark play time

Even Fondue the Alligator got his belly full of rice :)

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