Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY: Colored Snow Paint

I got the idea for Snow Paint on the blog MomEndevors. I thought it was such a neat idea and would add a little character to painting.  After trying it out, and the fact that it was so simple and quick to do, we will be doing it again!  Cowboy loved it and he was so excited to see it dry and puff up like snow!  Here is how I did it :

You will need:
Shaving Cream (the cheap but not smelly kind, unless you like smelly : )
Elmers Glue (any brand)
Plastic Bowl
Spoon or something to stir the mixture (I used the end of a skinny water color paint brush)
Food coloring (if you want it to be colored)

Your will be mixing equal amounts of glue and shaving cream.

1. Pour glue into plastic bowl. I just guessed how much I thought I would need and after ended up with a lot left over, So I would suggest starting small and then add more if needed.

2. Add a few drops of food coloring unless you just want it white- then skip the next few steps

3. Stir the glue and food coloring until its all mixed together and bright enough for your liking because when you add the shaving cream the current color of the glue will become lighter.

4. Add the same amount of shaving cream as you did for the glue

5. Stir it up real good!! And you are ready to paint :)

Have Fun!


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