Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why A Facebook Page???

WOW! What a big step I have taken out of my little comfort zone. I enjoy what I do and like sharing it with my family and a close friend, but lately I had noticed I was starting to write a whole lot of information that was not really useful to my close family, not that they were even meant to in the first place, I just mean I was putting a whole lot more into them rather than your typical, "look what we did today" kind of posts. I wondered why my posts were starting to shift and move into different topics and directions. Then as I sat down to write one day I felt like God was saying, it was time to share. Of course I wanted people to see my blog but on the other hand, I feared it. I mean really, raise your hand if you like rejection... Yea well, me either. Obviously, rejection being a fear and weakness of mine, God, in all his humor, decided he would lend a hand, and give me a way out and a way to overcome that fear. So of course I was going to take my precious time and wait until I was ready, which would have probably been UH, never! I am a pretty much keep to myself kind of gal.

Well if you know God, he never gives up! I got another tug and knock on my heart...So I said, (and I am pretty sure it was out loud) "ok already, sheesh" (and I believe he probably smiled at my immature outburst) and started to tell a few people about it. Then a few hours later,  I got an email from a lady telling me how much she enjoyed my ideas and all the different things that I do with Cowboy, and she asked if I would link to her site and start to share my ideas with her and others. Well that made my day and probably my year. I was one happy momma!  It’s so funny what a compliment, even from a total stranger, can do for someone! I would encourage those of you reading, to give someone a compliment today, you never know how much they may need one, it could, at the very least put a smile on their face for a day, or you may even make their year, like in my case :)

 So long story short, I decided to take a Leap of Faith and make a Facebook Page to share with more people. I don't know what God's plan is for me as far as this is concerned, and I have not a clue who it’s for. It may only be for one person out there. Maybe there is someone who is trying to get started with home school and doesn’t know where to begin. Or maybe there is a momma who feels like she’s the only mom out there who loses it from time to time, and feels as if she is all alone and by reading this blog she will CLEARLY see she is not. I have no idea, it may just be for me just to pull me up out of my fears, whatever the reason, here I am.

I will go ahead and tell you, which you can probably already tell, I write like I talk. Im just real with it. Also, Punctuation is great and I loved it, but being a mom of 3 with limited time to type and read and proof etc, also made me hate it and have no time for it, I mean I try but usually get so annoyed at trying to be perfect I end up screwing it up anyway, so in that case why try? So if you are like the pinterest board, and it aggravates you when someone forgets a period or quotation,  all I can say is whoops :P Finally, for those of you who have checked out my site, and taken the time to like my page, even if you never come back, I just want to say thanks! I look forward to this new Journey I am on :) Learning In Grace.


  1. I am so proud of you, Britt! I love reading all of your ideas and things you are doing with the kids. You've made me so excited to get started! I got my first package of school stuff last week and it felt like Christmas! Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  2. Thank you so much Amy! I love you and it's going to be so awesome to be so close to someone who is actually doing the same thing I do. I'm do glad your excited :) I look forward to hearing how it goes! Keep me posted.