Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Themed Tot Trays

Simple Valentines Day Tot Tray Ideas

We did a lot of different Valentine themed trays in tot school, they were very simple and fun! Here are some of the ones that we did. 

See our V is for Valentine Tot School Post HERE!!

~Dotting with Conversation Hearts~

Conversation Hearts and Do a Dot/Magnet page- FREE PRINTABLE HERE (Instead of using dot paint or magnets we used Conversation Heart Candy, and when done.... We had a Sweet Treat!! This was probably the Biggest hit of the week because Candy was involved :) 

~Sponge Painting~ 
I had a whole pack of HUGE Sponges I bought from the Dollar Tree- I just grabbed a Red One and a Marker and Traced Some Letter V and Hearts and then Cut them out for the kids to Sponge Paint with. 

~Heart Sorting and Beading~

The possibilities are really endless with this tray! Sorting, Color V, Counting, Matching, Beading with Pipe Cleaners, Patterns etc... We did all kinds of things with this Tray, and then Cowboy insisted on making me a Bracelet- How could I refuse!! 

~Beading with Pipe Cleaners and Heart Beads~
As you may see, we started out trying to do a pattern, but I let him lead, and he decided it was more fun to just use whichever one his hand grabbed next, which was totally fine by me!  :P 

~Size Sequence Hearts~

FREE PRINTABLE HERE- I printed out and laminated the Hearts and he put them in order by Size Big to little, little to big. 

~Cutting Practice Felt Hearts~

I took a few pieces of Felt and traced half a heart on one side, and had him cut it to OPEN a Heart. We then made Layered (Glitter Glue) Heart Valentines for family members using the cut outs, and Outlines. You could do whatever you want with them! 

~Toilet Paper Roll Hearts and Cookie Cutter Stamping~

Fold some toilet paper rolls into shapes of a heart, or using cookie cutters dip in paint and Stamp away! Big hit for the Tiny Tots! 

~Valentine Themed cutting practice~
Foam Paper, Heart Stickers, Sharpie, and Scissors- Let your Tot do the rest! 

Another BIG hit was the Sensory Bin which I blogged in detail about HERE

~Sensory Bin~

 Happy Valentines Day!! 

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