Tuesday, February 26, 2013

V is For Valentine- Tot School Cowboy

Tot School- Cowboy is Currently 44 Months Old

V is For Valentines and Animal ABC's (Vulture)

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You can see our individual Valentines TOT TRAYS HERE, and how we made them. 

Bible Memory Verse
Very Truly I Tell You, No Servant is Greater than his Master. Nor is a Messenger Greater than the one who Sent Him. 
-John 13:16

Cowboy tracing Letter V worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler on his Dry Erase Center .

Even though it was Valentines, and Vultures are not anything "Lovely", I still wanted to go over our Discussion Page to introduce what a vulture was :) 

 Size Sequencing with Hearts and Valentines Day Matching Game from Over the Big Moons Tot Pack

Conversation Hearts Magnet Printable Tray 

Of Course Cowboy LOVED this Tray and was super quick at finishing it so that he could eat the Hearts!! 

He did a fantastic job on his own !!! 

Then I helped build with him and showed him how cool it was to watch them get Smaller and Smaller as they went up 

Tech Time..

Cowboy Learned about the Letter V on the Ipad and Alphabet Soup Sorters , while Lou did some studying for Science on Quizlet. 

Butter helped make some yummy Confetti Heart Cupcakes !! He loved helping pour the ingredients and Stirring the batter.  

Heart Sorting and Beading Tray with Heart Beads

There are so many things you can do with this Tray! We Sorted, Filled the V, Counted, made patterns, and Cowboy insisted on making me a Bracelet :P 

Sensory Play

You can see more about this Valentines Sensory Bin and what I used for it HERE

Toilet Paper Heart Stamping, Q-tip, Finger and Sponge Painting Tray

Q-Tip Painting using Crayola Fingerpaint

 Toilet Paper Heart Stamping

Butter LOVED getting the paint... everywhere! Even Daddy got in on the action ! 

Foam-Paper and Stickers Cutting Practice Tray

Cutting Felt Hearts 

Cowboy thought it was so neat how he only cut half, but got a whole heart :P 

Putting together Puzzles from My First Skills Puzzles set

We also read a good bit of Books.... including my absolute Favorite Love You Forever !!! 

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  1. Lots of great ideas. I'll have to try the toilet paper one.

  2. I am enjoying following your Tot school adventures. I have two girls (42 months and 27 months), and it's nice to see others of similar ages.