Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY 3D Edible Jello Cell-Human Body Unit 5th Grade

How we made our 3D Edible Cell- Using Jello 

You will Need: 
-Gelatin, either a light-colored Jello (we used Orange) or unflavored gelatin with sugar or juice added
-A 1-gallon ziplock bag or Glass see through bowl
-Various fruits and candies used to represent the parts of the cell: raisins, gummy worms,gumdrops, gum ball, jelly beans, grapes, sprinkles, M&M's, jaw breakers, dried fruit, and/or hard candy we used things we already had on hand 

Before you make your cell be sure to have a guide to know what component goes where on the cell. We used a picture from HERE to know what each part of the cell looks like as a guide for using right candy/fruit. 

How To : 

1. Make your Jello or Gelatin as it says on box but with a little less water than it actually calls for (just so the mold stays together tighter) then put to the side and wait for it to Cool. 
2. Spray cooking spray inside your bowl if that's what you are using
3. Pour Jello into your Bag or Bowl. 
4. Let the Jello Mixture (which is the Cytoplasm) sit on a flat surface in the fridge for about an hour- until it is ALMOST set. You do not want it to fully set because then you wont be able to add candy/fruits with out using a knife. 
5. When it is almost set- it is time to start adding components of the Cell using your candy/fruit. Have the Child label and name each part as they start inserting components- (we just drew a cell and labeled on Loose Leaf paper instead of writing on the bag.) 
6. Reseal bag and lay on flat surface in the fridge until it is fully set. 
7. Once it is done- You can examine your 3D cell and eat it! 

We used this cell as an experiment and for Lous Medical themed Birthday Party- Check it out HERE

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