Friday, February 1, 2013

Medical Themed Birthday Party- Lou 11 yrs Old

Medical Themed Birthday Party

How it all went down : The DL - 

"Mom ! I really think I wanna be a Doctor.... or maybe a nurse.... or .... Can I have a Medical Birthday Party?!?!?" I'm thinking,"WHA????"- "You mean like Doc McStuffins??" Lou says,  "No like- A Real DOCTOR kinda party"... I am thinking, "huh?"- ok deep breath- "wow my kid wants to be a doctor..." then the pressure hits and I'm faced with the thought - I hope she has good teach.... OHHH SNAP.... 
---But I AM her teacher! Time to step up my game! I don't know if she will end up in the Medical Field or not, but wow- I'm pretty sure that the thought of her being taught "correctly" and "well enough" to be a Doctor- stressed me out for ehhh --- a good month just thinking about the fact that -  "I AM HER TEACHER!" HOW WILL SHE EVER BE A DOCTOR??? ------> Good Job MoM- where is your confidence? I know right? ( please excuse my lack of proper grammar and punctuation right now- I choose not to care to be perfect when it is not required- and....Just FYI - I have conversations like these with myself silently very often ) I had to get over it and realize - If I allow him to - God will lead me :) Still Pressure- Just not AS MUCH :/ - (pray for me =}..... is all I am saying) So first things first- I may not know anything about being a Doctor- or the PERFECT teacher- but Acting and Putting together a Party- Now that is something I CAN DO! 

Time to Rally!! I got with my mom and we brainstormed ideas- I found very little things online about having a Medical Themed Party- especially for an 11 year old :( unless of course it would be Doc McStuffins- In which - It was made very clear to me that's not what she was wanting! So it was time to get creative- First I made some invitations that looked like Prescriptions in Microsoft Publisher. Since she likes to pretend to be a doctor- we have saved a lot of old med bottles - so I made unique labels and made a bunch of Prescriptions filled with Candy :) 

Then we decided it would be so COOL if everyone would dress up like a medical person, including our guests if they were able to, in which most of them did :) We put Band Aids by the door for people to write their name on and stick on their shirt as name tags. 

I was Nurse DeeDee- who worked for the FAMOUS #1 Cardiologist-  Doctor Lou. I also just so happened to be happily married to "Daddy" who was "Doc McDreamy" - an amazing General Surgeon who could do just about anything medically , Cowboy was Dr. Love- just because he thinks he is so handsome- (which I totally agree) and his shirt just so happened to say "Dr. Love" on it :)  and Butter- was our BOSS- the very "Professional" Chief of Surgery- Butter :) 

I found these SUPER Cute Edible pretzel thermometers on Pinterest! So I made some of those :) 

My mom found some candy eyes, brains and other body parts candy .... on clearance so she scooped those up ! 

We made an Edible 3D Cell (Here's How)

My sweet boys including Daddy pitched in and made Blue Jello for "Sick Patients" and we put them in the plastic sauce cups for display. 

Band aids using Vanilla Sugar Wafers and Red /white icing Red Cross Oreos, Medication Mike and Ike's and red hots. Jumbo Marshmallow Cotton Balls - Mucus Specimens (Pistachio Pudding with Chocolate Chips in Specimen Cups) 

By this point I was starting to run a fever ...between all the "New Little Interns" (ten to twelve ages 9-11 year old LOUD girls) and the over abundance of SWEETS !! I needed a check up from Dr. McDreamy :P So he took my Temp :) 

Urine Specimen and Blood Donations with a Frozen Hand :P to keep them cool 

I found these at the Dollar Store and Made Labels that said "Personal Doctor Kit" to stick on Goody Bags using White Paper Bags Like Prescription Bags - then filled them up with all the leftover Goodies after the party to give out to all the "Interns" !!

 Our Setup: 

Medical Training Center and Medical Lab

Organ Donation Center

Games we played :

Pin the Organ on the Skeleton

We printed off a Skeleton from Confessions of a Homeschooler and hung it up- we cut out all the organs to put in a can and each guest had to pick an organ from the can and place their organ where they thought it would go. Whoever was closest and correct would get a gift  

Operation Race who is the Quickest Doctor??

each person gets a turn to pull out all of the organs without the buzzer going off- whoever has the best time or gets all the organs without the buzzer going off - first wins.

Bed Pan Race Don't Spill the .....PAN! 

Divide Guests into two teams- Give each a Bucket full of water- GO OUTSIDE-mark the bucket prior to starting where the water level is BEFORE starting Line up side by side- kinda like a Relay Race Set up - Each person races to give to the next Intern in line- as fast as they can without spilling- at the end you compare buckets to see how much water spilled in each bucket- the team with the least amount of water missing is the winner. 

Waiting Room - Musical Chairs

There obviously were no Sick patients in this waiting room!!! Just play Musical Chairs as it is originally played :) No Special Instructions needed for this game! 

This Party was SO much fun! Whatever my Lou becomes in her future- I am sure I will feel exactly how I do right now- One Proud Mommy of a Beautiful Intelligent  11 Year Old Girl !!! 

Dedicated to my Princess Lou: 
Love Always, Mommy :P 

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  1. How did you make the hands, and prescription labels? Where did you get the specimen cups from?

    1. The Hands were made by freezing water in a rubber glove. For the prescription labels I just made them with Microsoft word and printed on label paper. I got the specimen cups from a friend who has a clinic. But you can get them at drug stores, or amazon.

  2. My 5 year old wants a Human Body-themed birthday. This is the first site I've found with so many great ideas--thank you!

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