Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!!

This MOMMA is EXCITED!!! I LOVE thrifting!! 

Attention Everyone.... if you are not a thrifty shopper- I hope this changes your outlook! 

I went to the thrift store today with History Books or anything Rain Forest related in mind.This months Calendar time is focused on Rain Forests. I am also in the process of building my own History Curriculum to use for this year!....... Well to my surprise----->SCORE!!! Retail for the following would have been $110.... Wait until you see what I paid!! 

Retail $13.00

I have no clue what the retail value of this Book is. I looked it up and since it is from 1991... and its beat up, in its current state not too much but brand new I am sure this book was at least $40.00. Why did I get a book from 1991? A. Its about our state and B. I USED THIS EXACT BOOK IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!! So funny :P Looking back, I never would have thought I would be buying, a book I hated back in the day, for my kids--- hahaha.... Oh how things change! And then C. I want to build our little homeschool library full of different kinds of books for learning.. So the date nor the OUTER condition of this book was a big deal to me the inside is all in tact! 
Brand New $40

So of course I got the boys something..... because, I know I know ... like they need new toys???? BUT well, it was HAWT! Not like HOT but HAWT!!! Like seriously my van needs Freon, So no air condition I am rolling with the windows down - and let me just be real-I am a BEAST in the heat - For REAL- Do not mess with me when I am hot, my kids know when momma is hot its almost as if Satan literally manifests, No I am not proud of it - Do not judge me ... I'm sure if I asked your kids- Where are they?? You know you got your Satan button too! But it is what it is and I am just so thankful I am, God willing, going to HEAVEN! Real feel today is 110 degrees and and I wanted them to be sweet and I was trying to look through things and I wanted them to listen and I like to spoil them if I can.... so ... my answer was YEPpppppppp....... GET IT ! It was so cute, and well worth my justifications for more toys, to see them crawling on their knees playing firetrucks when we got home!

I'm just going to guess new these would be about $5 or more

Brand new 3 hole punch?!?!?!?! Ughgh YES! 
Retail $16.00

Then I saw this little kit that looked like it would be neat! Its called Brilliant Beginnings' "Toddler Next Step Parent Kit" includes a Guidebook detailing how a toddler develops, hundreds of daily activities, an Activities Toy Guide, a Toddler Rhythm and Rhymes* Music CD, and a copy of "Emily's Best Day Ever" matching pictures book. What the heck ... I think it was like 25 CENTS! 

Retail $30.00


$3.26 well spent I would say! :) Thanks for checking out my deals... Happy Thrifting! And Remember..........



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