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I is for Iguana- Tot School

Tot School- Cowboy is currently 42 months old

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Trays this week

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Stories about Jesus for toddlers

Chart Time

Our chart this week looks a little different because I am trying to, along with the Letter of the week, a shape and a number. If it gets to be too much information then I am going to back off but this week he seemed to handle all 3 just fine :) This weeks shape was square and number 3. 

Computer Time Intro Letter Ii

Another new thing I decided to try this week is to start the week by using our computer to introduce the letter we are working on for the week. We use and love it. I was going through his lessons that he has completed on there, and came across something I didn't know. Parents can go into the lesson plan for the week and actually set up a plan focusing on whatever they want. So I found letter i and we did all the letter i activities that were available on the site. I was so impressed and decided that it would be a great way to start an introduction of a new letter each week! I am pretty sure I can do this with numbers and shapes as well! 

Here we are going over our iguana discussion page in our tot book and tracing letter Ii using our Dry Erase Center

Our Chart had a House Scavenger Hunt on it for the number 3 to find 3 doors- which our schoolhouse has exactly that! Then he is tracing his number 3 worksheet which also has 3 squares on it to trace and reading our on Iguana's on Ice Alphatales book. 

We colored some shapes, (ok I colored most of them because Cowboy is NOT much for coloring) then I cut them out and he pasted them onto green construction paper with a picture of an iguana.

Our vocabulary cards this week were with the the theme igloo..... soooo he really learned some new words because in Louisiana, we don't see much snow nor do we have a need for half of the cards that were in this stack! Such as snow boots, snow mobile, ice skates etc. But we learned them anyway :) 

Playing with Tinker Toys.....

Foam Shape Magnets and Pattern Cards on his lap desk - He played with these a LONG time!

Size sequence cards- Number the igloos smallest to largest 1-3, and shadow matching cap. and lower case letter Ii. 
Glitter the iguana! 

Trace and color the squares red worksheet- then cut and paste them on the presents........

Used some gems to follow the number 3 maze to the number 3 in a square.......

Trace the letter Ii using play dough in our dry erase center.......

Free Play!!!! Made silly faces with play dough, ABC Magnets, wiggly eyes, and cut up straws.......


Letter I craft MARBLE PAINT!!! Just got a top to a box put in the letter I we usually cut out, squirted some paint, got some marbles and just rolled them back and fourth and side to side.

Put it in the sun for a little while then cut it and he glued on the iguana's :) I love how pretty it came out! 

Reading in the Beginning in our Children's Bible.

Using Gems to cover letter Ii's to get to the iguanas food! 

Another I craft. Made an Iguana with the the letter I. Using construction paper, glue, scissors, wiggly eyes, and a tiny piece of pipe cleaner for the tongue :) He wanted to play with his new iguana friend and was not happy that he had to dry first. 

Big hit this week MOON DOUGH Pizza Maker!! 

Tiny Tot School: Butter is currently 16.5 months old 

Reading some books 

Playing with blocks


Oh how I wish they always played this well together :) Here they are working as a team to make an airplane! LOVE this one too! 

Lou went to her best friends house who moved away last year :( So she was only here a few days this week.

First time playing with moon dough.... only with a VERY watchful eye!! Because of course he wanted to eat it!!!
 Butter is also currently teething!! His molars are coming in and he has been a slobbery snotty mess for a week now... this drives me nuts... but, I deal ;) So please excuse his slobber shirt! 

All was well...having a grand ole time and them YUPPPPP.... he went for it! Caught YELLOW handed!! I was shocked he lasted as long as he did but after that it was time to put up the moon dough!! 

Butterly Love ..... he sure does love this baby!! 

He moved on to his busy gears.......I could watch him think for hours :) 

My Hard working little Men 

Then Cowboy wanted to join in!

And give more sweet kisses.....

Over all fun week... Just missed our Lou!!!

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