Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY- Pocket Chart Stand using PVC

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Ok... So I can not take full credit for this idea :( BUT! I am thrilled I came across it! I have 2 hanging pocket charts and little wall space in our little schoolhouse... and what wall space I do have, I would like to use for other things. So I found this idea on the blog In Lieu of Preschool . I had every intention to make this thing myself... but when I told my husband my plan... he laughed at the thought of me using a hack saw (which he didn't even use by the way). So being the Mr. Handy Man that he is...

*********Can I just pause for a minute to say what a blessing it is to be married to a true Genuine Handy Man, 100% Country Boy... who was raised old fashioned and was taught how to do things by actually DOING them! Not just that he can make an Easy PVC Chart Holder...Just in general he has such amazing abilities... God has truly blessed him with so many talents and skills but even more importantly....He was made for me :) THANK YOU JESUS!!********** 

Ok enough of the Mushy Gushy... He ended up building it for me. Which it doesn't take much skill to do it obviously, if I was even THINKING of attempting it... its got to be easy. So that means YOU can do it!! Here is what you will need. The following measurements are made to fit the following charts: Standard Pocket Chart and Nylon Classroom Calendar Pocket Chart.



To hang it I just used some old shower curtain hooks. 

We ended up cutting the height of it a bit just so the boys could reach it easier. You can also paint or glue yours. We did not glue ours because I like to have the option to take it down if I need more floor space. Here is a look at the other side of it as my daughter Lou does the days of the week in sign language.

I also made a felt board that easily hangs on top of the charts and I love that I can use it for that as well!  Here is a picture of the felt board in action. Cowboy is learning about the Days of Creation :) 

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