Monday, August 20, 2012

G for Gorilla

Tot School- Cowboy is currently 41.5 Months Old

This weeks Trays:

Trays and books:(Scroll to bottom for list of tools used and where to purchase)

Color Gorillas worksheet
Vocab cards (farm theme)
ABC Ladybug puzzles
Letter G Maze and Dot paint
Number Train Puzzle
Fisher Price Learning Pig
Pop the Pig
Stacking tool
Dry Erase Center
Alphatales Letter G
My "g" book

Chart time: Going over letter of of the week, shapes and numbers. 

Going over our vocabulary pictures. The pictures revolved around Goat and were farm themed. 

We Started off by reading our Alphatales Book Gg Gorilla, Be Good!

Traced the letter Gg using Crayola Dry Erase Center. 

I love these Letter Mazes from 1+1+1=1! They are so awesome. You don't have to use just dot paint. You could use pom poms, stickers, colors, magnets, etc! 

I have taken a break from Calendar Time until Lou starts school which will be soon! In the meantime, we still do our animal discussion page, and our tot notebook :) Here is Cowboy answering his questions about the picture of the Gorillas. 

This weeks hit, I would have to say, for sure, was Pop the Pig. 

Wow, I thought this game was so corny when I first got it. Cowboy LOVES this game. His reaction the first time the pig popped was priceless! He was kind of worried and scared at first but then started cracking up laughing! This is the play by play as he popped. 

It teaches, (besides don't eat too much!) colors, numbers and has a little bit of sensory thrown in the mix. As the belly gets bigger and bigger it starts to feel like someone were blowing up a balloon, also it takes a bit of muscle to push on the pigs head :) Cowboy asked for this game everyday this week, and so yes.. I am POPPED out! I am glad he liked it so much! 

Counting and colors with Little Pig....

Doing each one of the stacker pegs on his own.

Number Train Puzzle, I called out a number and he would point to the correct number if he knew which one it was.

This week he wanted to paint his letter craft so I picked out yellow (gold for G!!) he painted it, after it dried he glued on the Gorillas. 

Lou came to school one day to work on a play she is writing, and relieved me of my pop the pig duty! 

Tiny Tot: Butter Currently 15 months old

Butter came out one day this week and played with the money pig. This is the perfect toy for him right now because its teaching him how things work. How to put things in, take them out, hand eye corrdination, colors, shapes etc. He jumped right on in and knew just what to do! It was so cute watching him think :) 

Butter did the Wooden stackers too.....

I pulled out his busy gears LOVE THIS TOY! He loved trying to pull them off while they were spinning 

Of course we had to take a break from all his hard work to do his favorite activity when hes at school.... SPIN in the BIG chair!! 

Then wrapped up his tiny tot school with some you can see he moved around a good bit. His favorite spot was right on top of the tray :) He also tried the tongs.. but only really wanted to eat them! 

I found these star ice cube trays for $0.50 for 2 at Walmart after 4th of July. They worked perfect for sorting.
This tray included a 3 piece goat puzzle, shadow matching, lacing card, and size sequencing cards.

He thought hard about what came 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Instead of using a string this week we tried lacing with Pipecleaners... as you can see, Cowboy was proud of himself for figuring it out!!

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