Sunday, August 12, 2012

F is for Frog

Tot School-Cowboy is Currently 41 Months old

This weeks Trays

Included on Trays: (see bottom of post for full list of tools used and where to purchase)
F is for Foot with glue and glitter
Plastic Blocks
Dot the Letter F using Dot Paint
Melissa and Doug Lacing Beads
Crayola Dry Erase Center
Boggle Jr.
Melissa and Doug Ladybug Letter Puzzles
Mancala for sorting

This Weeks Chart

I am sure you can tell we have made lots of changes to our school room. We are not done, there is still a lot to be done. We still need to paint and rearrange desks and such but I am one happy momma to have this much done for now! We tore out the bathroom and we now have a lot more room! So thankful that my husband is so amazing when it comes to remodeling and repairing. After the death of my mother in law and not having school for 3 weeks, this week was so hard to find the will and energy to get back into things since we have all been away. But it was time to jump back in! 


We started with our Tot Book and talked about our Frog discussion page. He then traced his Letter Ff.

Then we did our chart time which we do everyday. He hands me the shapes as I call them out and then tells me the sound of the letter of the week. Then counts the number line.

Cowboy traced the letter Ff with glue (I helped) and sprinkled with glitter

Then some dot paint....

Used the dry erase center to trace the letter

He played Boggle Jr. and put together some of the words that begin with F

He put together the all of the ladybug letter puzzles

And Lacing with Big Beads

Not sure what he was saying here haha...


I changed up a few of the trays but we were still trying to get back into routine and so we had school in our PJ's! One of the best parts of homeschooling!! 

Trays I changed:
Felt Rain Forest Set
Letter F craft with zig zag scissors  
Hoppers Game

Letter F Craft- Thought it would be cool to use different scissors to cut out the letter and pieces. 

After we finished we read My f book 

He traced his letter Ff with Dry Erase Center

Then he played with his frogs from the Hoppers game. This game is still a little too advanced for him but he has fun playing with the frogs and putting them on the pegs and making up his own game.

I was so sad when I realized I couldn't find my felt board :( so he just played with the pieces and told me what the animals where. I am still trying to hunt for my BOARD!! 


We started our water beads! These are so much fun for sensory play! Its so neat to watch them grow from these tiny little beads into squishy balls! Cowboy loved it! 

This is what they looked like right after we put them in. 

While the water beads soaked, he played with his rain forest toob.

I read him Froggy goes to the Doctor

Some sorting using Mancala

Before we went in for the day we took a look at the process of the water beads. They take about 24 hours to completely finish but we could see that they were starting to develop. 


Cowboy was so anxious to go out to school to see the water beads. He asked 100 times if they were ready yet. I am surprised he slept that night. So of course the first thing we did was check on them when we went out.

They were Ready!! 

And so was Cowboy!! 

I dumped the rain forest toob into the bin so he could play with the frogs and turtles with the beads. 

Water Bead Play

Cool Insta-Collage of the beads


Tracing lines and shapes in tot book

Coloring frogs 

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