Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY- Tool board for kids

Homemade Tools for tots!

What's tool week without your own tool board?! Since the tools were already out from making the Latch Board my hubby made the boys a board they could use to practice their handyman skills on!

So this one was really simple and we plan on adding a few things to it but for now, they just love it and it works! 

Two pieces of shelving board screwed together (so nails don't go through your floor :) )
plant hooks

For this one it was easy peasy! First you need to screw the two pieces of shelving board together so that your little guy doesn't screw holes or hammer nails into your floor. Then, You just hammer, twist or screw items in the board. I would suggest drilling holes for nails and screws first a few times before inserting the items so that it makes it easier for little hands to actually screw, hammer, and twist off. When we first let cowboy try, he couldn't get any of the screws out :( so we realized we needed to make it a little easier for him. Once we did that he was all about hammering, and unscrewing! He also loved twisting off the washers/nuts. 

Cowboys Tool Shop

Click the link to Check out our Homemade Latch Board 

.........If you have a board similar please post in comments and I will feature it on my blog to show everyone different ideas! Hope your little one enjoys theirs as much as ours have! 

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  1. That is a very nice and simple idea! Will try it out sometime.