Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY- Latch Learning Board for Kids

Homemade Tools For Tots!

My boys LOVE anything that they can open, shut, latch, screw, nail, hook up, turn on, off etc. This week as I prepared for the letter H I knew the animal was going to be Hippo, but for vocabulary and theme I went with Tools! H- for hammer etc. My boys have a ton of building play things and tools so this was the perfect week to do a tool theme. I had come across some homemade latch boards before and always wanted my husband to make one for the boys. This weekend was a rainy lazy weekend, so that meant my husband had some free time:) so I reminded him about the boards I saw and he said he would make one! I was so excited!! So Sunday afternoon the boys helped their daddy make a latch board!

Materials used:
Luan Plywood
Lock Latch
Chain Lock
Eye Bolts
Rivet Gun
Screw Driver
Misc Hooks

My husband just cut out a piece of Luan, and marked where all the items were going to be placed first. Then he drilled holes using his drill so that the rivets would go through easier. One by one he just used his rivet gun and connected the latches on the Plywood :) So easy, a GIRL could do it ! But I am glad that he did it for me haha.

All my boys hard at work :)

Cowboy in action!

Click on the link to Check out our homemade TOOL BOARD for hammering nails, and drilling etc.

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