Saturday, May 18, 2013

Summer 2013 Plans

SUMMER !!!!! TIME!!!!!!!

Its Summer Time and as of right now this is where we are at in our homeschool. Lou is still going strong with her studies almost done with the Apologia Exploring the Human body, and Math U See Gama. Cowboy wrapped up Tot School Animal ABC's a few weeks ago and I have been trying over the course of the last few weeks to figure out where to go from here. I wasn't ready to start preschool with Cowboy since it was almost summer and Butter is ready for Tot School. So that would mean starting brand new objectives and new lesson plans for both, and I did not really want to go that knee deep with summer right around the corner. Yes, we still do school in the summer, BUT it is a lot more relaxed and hands on with all three kids at the same time. I mainly keep school going in the summer because it works for us. Summers used to be so crazy when the kids had absolutely nothing to do. Therefore making us all NUTS :P 

I really believe that kids thrive in routine and structure. I know when I am not organized, I am good for nothing. I just want to be lazy and eat... :) Pretty much the same with the kids, at least mine anyways. I'm sure not everyone feels the same way I do, and that is totally fine :P A few years ago I lived for the summer and having absolutely NOTHING to do, but as the kids started getting older, I had to entertain them some how or else...Crazytown!  So I decided a while back that we would keep our normal routine but a lot more laid back and do a lot more fun things and incorporating school into them such as field trips, visiting family, books, watching documentaries, crafts, experiments, reviewing what we learned, cooking, cleaning, life skills, etc.
So I guess you could call it... Playschool! 

Lou will continue on into Math U See Delta, and will soon be writing her summer book list for the Library Summer reading program that she usually does every year. Cowboy, will be reviewing the letters that he still struggles with and of course a whole lot of educational play. As for Butter, I will start to slowly introduce primary colors, shapes and a few numbers and letters, but mainly in the form of play :) just a lot more interaction with him since after summer, he will move up from Tiny Tot - to Tot School !! As a whole though, I would like to have hands on with all of them instead of one on one like we do for reg school. Looking forward to us all learning together, at the same time. I will still be blogging our summer activities and Playschool !! So come back and check in or keep up with our posts on Facebook here is the link>>>>> LEARNING IN GRACE ON FACEBOOK !  I pray you all have and Amazing SUMMER!! 

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