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Playschool Week 1

PlaySchool- Tot School Summer Review Week 1 - Cowboy Currently 4yrs old (50 months Old) 
Butter Currently 24 Months Old 

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Letter Recognition Review- 

This is simply a little activity I made up that I thought would be fun for Cowboy, and would give me a general idea of what letters he knows as soon as he sees them. I use our Letter Bean Bag Set and a basket for this activity. I simply pull a letter/number/or color bean bag from the bucket and he has to quickly tell me the letter. If he has to think longer than a few seconds about what letter it is, it goes into a pile by me. If he answers the letter correctly I quickly throw it to him and he gets to try to throw and make it into the basket. Other times we might also try him holding the basket while mommy tries to make it in just to change it up sometimes. So far he really enjoys this activity :P

He loves making a basket!! 

For the Summer, I also made these charts for numbers and letters. 

As he gets quicker with learning the letters to the point they just immediately come out as soon as he sees them, he gets a star to add to the chart. I hung these on the wall so that he sees each week how he is progressing. He also gets a small prize each week (sticker, candy etc...) for any new letters he recognized really quickly. I decided to do this because one week, he may be able to immediately recognize the letter D each time it is shown to him, but then the following week he may forget it or just might want to play stubborn. So this works for him and gives him incentive. 

What do we do with the stack of letters he didn't recognize that day?

This is when he gets his ipad time and he will go on starfall, Letter School, or ABC's of God and choose any of the letters in his stack and works on becoming more familiar with them. 

Reading Center

Each Day, after Bible, and before we start his activities for the day, Cowboy gets to go to our Homeschool Library and Fill up a Basket with as many books as he would like to read that day. Throughout the day we read all of the books together. He loves being in charge of his own reading list! 

I still Set up his trays with regular tot school educational toys. Here he is playing with 1 2 3: Sesame Street Slide & Learn Flash Cards and working on counting and numbers. 

He also does puzzles pretty much everyday of the week. This puzzle is from Discovery Toys Progressive Puzzle Pack in which I couldn't find a link on amazon for :( But here is a link directly from Discovery Toys- Progressive Puzzles

Lou, as I mentioned in our Summer Plans Post, is still working on the Human Body. Here she made a Double Helix out of Twizlers.

 And this is Lou with her Immune System Project. She made an Amusement Park explaining the Digestive System and how it works. So each ride/ or Station that you go to leads you to the next process in the Digestive System ! This Picture gives her work no justice. She really did an excellent Job on it! Super Proud of the Princess!!

Butter still loving the play!!! It really is Playschool for this little man. Here he is working on Gross Motor Skills and Matching Shapes with Fisher-Price Shape Sorter .

I got this little trash can from Dollar Tree, and gave him a little bucket of Plastic Ping Pong Balls. I showed him how the top of the trash can moves back and fourth and how to drop the balls into the can and then dump the out and start all over again. 

Building with Bristle Blocks

Cowboy Building with Foam Wood Building Blocks

Magnet Fun! Making Silly Faces with Magnetic Silly Faces on a cookie sheet.

Everyone playing Jenga but building instead of actually playing the game :P 


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