Saturday, May 18, 2013

DIY Jello and Pudding Snack Cups

DIY Jello and Pudding Cups

Just a quick tip to save a little money this summer on snacks. I know I always love to cut corners and save when I can so I thought I would share one quick and easy way I save on Jello and Pudding Snacks. Its also fun to involve your kids when making them! 

You will need:
Diamond Cups
Jello Mix
Pudding Mix
Storage Tote 

These are AWESOME 

And they are what I use to make the snack cups with!! I found mine at Walmart in the paper plate section.

Goodness, this is so EASY!

 Ok so whip up a batch of Jello or pudding, or BOTH....

Line up your cups.....

Fill um up.....

Stack um up......

Put them in a storage tote that can easily fit into your fridge.....and... BAM! Money Saved and quick easy access for kids! Grab n Eat!! 

OH! Almost forgot!! If you really really want to save... tell the kids to keep the cups and you can just recycle by using them again!! The bigger kids, (like me) like to eat like 2 or 3 since they are small cups but for the little kids, they are perfect size! 


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