Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pumpkin Lapbook

Pumpkin Lapbook-Preschool
 (Cowboy 4yrs and Butter 2yrs)

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So we have not done a lapbook in a while, and I thought Pumpkins were so fun to learn about that we should take the opportunity and make one! Lapbooks are an excellent way to reinforce the theme or unit your child has recently learned, or just to pull out and look through with them to see how much they remember. It is so awesome to see how much they retain when lapbooking. So yea... kinda kicking myself for letting months go by without doing one!! So here is a quick view and links to mini-books that we used. I hope I can remember them all.... please forgive me if I forget one!! 

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin 

THIS is the Craft to go along with Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater 

My Pumpkin Mini Book Found in Pack in Link at end of post. 

Pumpkin Sequence for Front Cover

Working on the front of lapbook, Writing the word Pumpkin and decorating with Pumpkin Foam Stickers. 

Butter made a Tiny Lapbook that had a Picture of a Pumpkin Mommy drew for him and Stickers and lots of beautiful Scribbles :P He did help Cowboy glue some of his mini books in his lapbook, he thought he was so big!! 

Final Lapbook!! 

Opened from left to bottom right- What can you make with a Pumpkin, My Pumpkin Book, Life Cycle, Peter Craft, ABC Pumpkin Cards, The parable of the Sower, The Pumpkin Prayer

These are extra printouts I had from making a File Folder Game . I just cut them up and made them Alphabet Flash Cards. HERE is the printable. 

Here is a Picture of the File Folder Game

This is open with the top flap flipped up. I stapled all of his Worksheets from the week here like a book. 

Bottom Flap opened, with the poems, and songs we learned about pumpkins :) The song printables are from http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/fallfun.html

The Mini Books we used mostly came from a cute little lapbook I found while googling and searching youtube for mini book ideas. This lady has most of them all in one spot!!! HERE is the link! 

Be sure to go HERE  to see all we did during our P is for Pumpkin week as we worked on our lapbook and did other pumpkin related activities!! 

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