Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Activities for the Littles


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There are lots of different ways to set up tot trays and workboxes for your little ones in the fall- I thought I would share a few of the ones we are doing this fall in case there is anyone looking for a few ideas :) 

DIY Felt Pumpkins

These are super easy to make, you just need felt and scissors, cut out all the pieces and let your tot (big kids like them too!!)  design his/her own Felt pumpkin :) Store pieces in a Ziploc after or glue them on to keep as a craft. 

Skip Counting with Pumpkins

For this activity I used the 1-20 printable from 1plus1plus1 and fall stickers from the dollar spot at Target. We practice skip counting, colors and making patterns with this easy to do activity.


Tot Packs (Counting, Matching, Cutting, Tracing) 

Tot Packs are amazing. I love them - but what is really amazing is the women who take their precious time to make these printable packs and share with other moms FOR FREE. Kudos to them, I have no idea how they do it.. But I am very thankful for their Generosity and Time. Below is a List of our favorite Fall Packs that we have tried and love :

Pumpkin Pack 3 Dinosaurs  (pictured below)
Pumpkin Preschool Pack 1+1+1=1
Leaves Tot Pack 2 teaching Mommies
Fall Fun Printables Homeschool Creations

Foam Stickers

My kids LOVE Foam stickers!! I enjoy watching them peel the backs off and stick them onto paper, foam, boxes, whatever ya got! I found these Fall themed foam stickers at the Dollar Spot at Target and at Dollar Tree. This is a great activity for little ones to do while you work with bigger kids. 

Fall Colors 

Making good use of the Foam Stickers! Separate by color and using Easy Grip Tweezers to sort.

Fall Themed Sensory Bin

Sensory Bins are awesome! Every New Season or Holiday is a great opportunity to switch things up. To see more about our Fall Sensory Bin go HERE.

Counting,Stacking and Placing 

I used the Do a Dot page from 3Dinosaurs Pumpkin Pack. Do a Dots are fun because you don't have to just use Dot Paint. You can use Stickers, pompoms, gems, beads, or like in these pictures, Unifix Cubes (100 count). We talked about the Color orange, Placed them on the dots, then we counted as we picked them up. Butter counted to 5 and I did the rest of the counting as he stacked them on top of each other.

Sorting Trays

Sorting trays can be set up so many different ways!! You can sort by color, pattern, shape, size, etc. Tons of ways to sort!! Here are a few examples of ways I set them up.

Fall Scatter Gems

For this Tray I used Apples from our Super Sorting Pie 
and bowls I already had around the house. 

This tray I used Cherries from Hi Ho Cherry-O Game and they sorted by color. 

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  1. Love your fall themed trays! I hope you are having a beautiful, happy fall! It is just now warming back up for us to get out and enjoy it! Hope you are off to a great new week!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting Michelle! I hope you are having an amazing fall as well! Be blessed :)