Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 Fall Sensory Bin

Fall Sensory Play

Here is a look at our Sensory Bin for Fall

This bin was so easy to make and CHEAP. Everything in the Bin is either from Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot. The base is Black Beans and Popcorn. 
Other items include:

Orange Ice Cream Scoop 
Harvest Veggies
Decorative Fall Leaves
Felt Leaves
Pumpkin, Acorn, and Leaves Mini Gems
Real Acorns from outside
Mini broken up twigs from outside

 There are so many ways to play with this type of Sensory Bin. I try to change ours up as much as possible using different objects because there really is a lot of sorting and scooping going on ... and it makes it fun when there are new things to Sort n scoop with and new objects to pour into. So for this particular day we used star ice cube trays, and a plastic leaf snack holder.

Butter pretending to eat one of the harvest veggies :) 

We talked about the season fall/autumn and the different colors we see during this time of year. They sorted and Scooped.... and made me a ton of different "pumpkin entrees" and we counted the big pumpkins. 

Cowboy made a Pattern with Black Beans and Popcorn using the Star Ice Cube tray. While Butter lined different objects up by Shape and Size not sure he was ready for the picture LOL 

The boys love having a new themed sensory bin every few weeks and play with it often. I keep it in our art room aka (dinning room) for easy access so if they see it and want to play with it, I just lay out the sheet and let them have at it.  

Look at my babies.... last year. Butter was still rocking that #CRAZYHAIR....(sniffle sniffle) seems like yesterday.. 
Treasure every moment- they grow up WAY too fast!!!

Link to Last Years FALL SENSORY BIN
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Happy Fall !!! 

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