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P- Farm Week- Tot School Part 1

Tot School- Cowboy is Currently 46 months old

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This weeks Trays

Trays Include:
Alpha Tales (Letter P: The Pigs Picnic)
Pajama Time!
Little Piglet Book This Little Piggy
Old Macdonald: A Hand-Puppet Book
Dry Erase Center 
Cuddles the Cow
Little People Farm 
Fun on the Farm Magnet Set
Learning Piggy Bank
Farm Puzzle (not exact puzzle but like these)
Foam Magnet Pattern Blocks with Pattern Cards from PreKinders
Little People Tractor
Clothespin wheels and Farm animals from 1+1+1=1 Letter G tot pack
Vintage Tupperware Cups , Measuring Spoons and a mixture of Dry Corn Bean Scoop and Pour practice

I went with a FARM THEME for the next two weeks since we were doing the letter P for Pig, and since both weeks wouldnt be full for us its a perfect time. Also perfect because I have a TON of farm themed things and I have been so excited to finally get to do it. 

Tracing Letter P using Dry Erase Center  and going over P is for Pig Discussion Page in his Tot Book. 

I put all his Letter P worksheets in his Tot Book for easy access this week. He had been missing it and I was happy to be organized.

Putting together a farm puzzle with different types of farm animals. We talked about what their names were and what they did on the farm. 

Cowboy LOVED being able to play with his Little People Farm and Little People Tractor especially knowing it would be out and part of his school work for 2 weeks!  

One of my FAVORITE things we did together this week was read Old McDonald had a Farm using Old Macdonald: A Hand-Puppet Book . We made different versions of it and voices with each animal. I need more puppets.. 

I loved seeing him LIGHT up and LAUGH while we learned =] It was truly priceless and yet another fond memory to add to my collection. 

He played FARM using Fun on the Farm Magnet Set

Another fun thing to watch him do this week was Feed the Pigs which helped him with scooping and pouring... I filled up a tin bucket with some dried corn and bean mix that I had from our Fall Sensory Bin. Gave him some measuring spoons, cups and mini pigs. I also took some of the number off of our Chart 1-5 and had him pick a number. Which ever number he picked, he had to scoop and fill the cup that many times. After he went through all the numbers he played and explored on his own.

I found some Farm Animal Pattern Cards to go with his Foam Shape Magnets on Pre-Kinders website. I printed them out and he put them together.

I used Vocabulary Cards from Letter G is for Goat pack from 1+1+1=1 since it was all farm related words. Each day we went over them as a vocabulary lesson. 

These are Clip and Learn Clothespin Wheels, you can find HERE. I wrote different letters on Clothespins with a marker and he had to pick the correct letter for the farm item and Clip it to the wheel. For instance, in this picture he is clipping Letter Pp to the Pig. 

Reading the Letter P story Lou made for him and finding all the Letter P words in the Picture. 

 Three Little Pigs Puzzle. I told him the story as he put the puzzle together. Then we dumped it again and then he retold the story to me. 

 Melissa & Doug Barn Buddies - Layered Wood Puzzle I like this puzzle because its layered and a bit different from other puzzles. Certain pieces have to overlap each other for them to to fit.

Letter P craft. We whipped up a batch of pink Snow Paint which he loves using, then painted the letter then glued on the pigs.

Since the shaving cream was already out from making the snow paint, we decided the little pigs needed a shaving cream BATH!! He used his little tractor to plow through!

Of course Buzz Lightyear was jealous and wanted a bath, and Lou couldnt resist jumping in on the fun as well !!

Learning about Horses! Using Horse Groovy Tube Book . It has each type of Horse and Tells you all about them :) Then we matched them up Next to their Descriptions.

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  1. Love your farm week activities! He looks like he is having lots of fun with the shaving cream!