Thursday, May 31, 2012

Simple Love and Kindness

Sometimes people get so caught up in life, I for one have a habit of this. I try to be kind and considerate to others as much as possible because so many people are not and its good to be kind and generous. Just to let others see the Jesus in you. Well this morning I had to run to the grocery store just me and the boys. My helper Lou had a girl scout outing today. She is very helpful, I miss her when she is gone but she totally deserves breaks :) Anyway, I manage without her. So I am loading up the van with two boys and groceries I only had a few, and I was almost done when this old man walks up and offers to take my buggy and put it away for me. How sweet and considerate that was. I know its a small thing but there are not many people out there like him these days. So I smiled and said, "thank you so much." Like I said not a big deal to most, but for me it was a huge help. As I was leaving, he pulled out behind me. As I watched him from my rear view mirror he had a huge Golden Retriever riding shot gun. He was talking to him and letting him lick him and just saw love in that man. I needed that. I needed to see the fathers Love today and be reminded of the simple things in life. That dog may have been the only thing that man had, yet he was full of Joy and Peace. And it just blessed me. As he turned at the 4way stop and went on about his day I just prayed Lord I hope that when people look at me they see your Love inside me, and may that overflow onto my kids and my grandkids. I get busy sometimes and caught up in my own world that I forget that I as a believer am to be a light in this dark world. I also prayed for that man, that the Lord would just bless him for his "little" yet big act of kindness he showed me today. :) Thank you Lord for your Love and Kindness.

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