Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just another Wednesday

Today was just a normal boring summer day.. I am totally missing my schedule- the SCHOOL schedule! This summer is going to be long if I don't come up with ways to spice it up and organize it. Speaking of organizing, I have been trying to get our school house ready for the new school year. I boxed up the past two years worth of books and things and kinda rearranged and cleaned up. Our Schoolhouse is a tin can :) But boy am I thankful for it! A few years back we were blessed with a camper that someone used for a deer camp it was basically blah when we got it. By blah I mean just kinda bachelor looking it had some built in homemade bunk beds and just nothing fancy. But for me and my husband, we see that as potential. So we gutted it and remodeled it had it looking all fine set up to go camping and well we did, a few times. But there were a few things that made it hard on us, no overflow tank, and it just took hours to get it level. When we decided to homeschool 3 years ago, we kept thinking of where the homeschooling would actually take place. Well we had been trying to sell the camper and we had a few bites, but no one really serious. So then it hit me... I felt like God was telling us not to sell it but to use it for this season in our life as the "Schoolhouse." So once again, we gutted it and made it into a classroom. I love it. As you can see I suffer from a little A.D.D. because I was supposed to be talking about our day but got off on that! Beware I am sure I will do this often.

So today we went about our normal summer blah routine. Had breakfast, kids played for a little while  and then Butter went down for his nap. I had posted an exersaucer on Facebook for sale and a woman came by and bought it. Cha Ching, $30. Which to me anytime I sell something it makes me feel good and even if it is $30 bucks, I can put that away for school stuff and it makes me excited. Especially this year with preschool- I have a list of fun things to get for Cowboy and Butter to learn with. And having that extra just for them is awesome. So during nap Cowboy and I went out to the Schoolhouse and divided some of Lou's old clothes to post on Craigslist and FB. Which again, it may not be much but it is still helping someone out by buying used and helping me out to buy school supplies. After that Butter woke up and I made lunch. The assembly line of food is kinda funny. Making 3 different things for 3 little people... They are in for a shock when I introduce a new concept of lunch soon called"Communal Lunch", which I will go into when I actually do it HA! So stay tuned for that! I will be so happy when I have a house one day with LOTS of extra counter space.. Amen. Yeah I pray like that sometimes because, well pray without ceasing right?

After lunch the kids played with blocks and Lou thought it would be fun to teach Butter how to knock down blocks after something is built. I am sure she will regret this when she is building something and he comes around to knock it down. But Butter sure did enjoy it :)

After playtime and a few moments of "Fellowship" (discipline) with Cowboy, I decided to take the kids for a ride on the Golf Cart down to this canal by our house that has fish and turtles etc ya know fun outdoor kid stuff. A little humid Louisiana air is sometimes needed to get little boys tired and ready for afternoon nap time. We didn't see much but getting outside is always good. Then we came back and played in the yard for a little while and Butter had some "duce" (juice) then boys went down for nap. During nap time I usually work on lesson plans, or now my blog, or do some chores and if I am really drained- I may even get a nap myself.


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